Introducing the CMRP Blog

The CMRP Blog

The Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice (CMRP) are launching a blog. We hope that this will be a space in which our teachers and researchers can share perspectives and developments on practice areas, and that our students and trainees can share their experiences of training with us. We hope that the blog will support connection with the wider mindfulness community through sharing inner developments within CMRP, and our perspectives and contributions to wider field development.

Our teachers and researchers will be offering themes that are current within the field, and personal insights into their experiences as teachers and trainers; and our students can use this forum to share gems from their thesis research. 
In part, this development has come about because CMRP will no longer be publishing regular newsletters and this is another way to keep the channels of our news open. We are happy to share that a new organisation has come into being called the Friends of Bangor (FoB). FoB is run by and for graduates from Bangor's mindfulness Masters and continuing professional training programmes. In future they will be creating and disseminating a newsletter which will aim to be written for and by those involved in grassroots mindfulness developments.

Per Norrgren is current chair of Friends of Bangor – in his words:
cid:image001.jpg@01D2564C.E039BFF0Launching in the spring, the Friends of Bangor Alumni Group (FoB) aims to build a mindfulness community, encourage communication between members and to act as a conduit for two-way communication with the CMRP.  This is an exciting opportunity for current and past students of the CMRP to engage in local and regional activities and to share their experiences via the FoB website and newsletter. 'We are a community of mindfulness practitioners and this will be a wonderful way of connecting with each other' said Per Norrgren, the current chair of the committee. We am inviting you to participate in a short survey (designed for those who have previously engaged with the CMRP) to find out what you think would be helpful to you from this new initiative. The survey is confidential and anonymous, and open until the 16th January 2017. Your participation and feedback in the survey is much appreciated and will support the formation of the FoB Alumni Group, the results will also be published in the FoB spring 2017 newsletter.
Here is the link to the online survey: Online Survey

We aim to have a new blog article up each month right here on our website– If you are interested in contributing an article related to mindfulness - please email outlining your idea.

Publication date: 7 February 2017