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CMRP Masters Students’ Research

Below are research projects carried out by CMRP masters students. Where permission has been given, the actual research document is available for download.


Evans. G. (2019). The impact of 8-week mindfulness course on levels of compassion and wellbeing in mental health professionals. (MSc thesis)

Girardini, D. (2019). The formative role of retreats in my development as a mindfulness teacher: An autoethnography enquiry (MSc thesis)

Kozlowski, C. (2019) Mindfulness for Motor Skills in Older Adults (MA thesis) 

Practising what you teach: What is it like to be a new teacher of MBC’s? a qualitative study (MSc thesis)

Beginner’s Mind? From Schoolteacher to Mindfulness Teacher. An Autoethnography (MSc thesis)

Does retreat experience contribute to the development of mindfulness teachers? (MSc thesis)

Interest as a conceptual frame for enhancing the capacity for self-regulated mindfulness practice (SRMP) within mindfulness-based programmes (MA thesis)

The role of silent residential retreats in Mindfulness Teacher training. (MSc thesis)

Exploring the role that a mindfulness rhythm and sounds programme may have for well-being in the workplace (MA thesis)

Study to investigate the extent to which mindfulness home practice affects blood pressure during and 8 week MBSR course. (MSc thesis)

The role and impact of retreat experiences on the training and development of Mindfulness teachers (MSc thesis)

Tailoring the delivery of MBSR to the needs of parents of teenagers (MA thesis)


Nielsen, A. Self-compassion and treatments for anxiety disorders: A systematic review (Download here)

Addasu Rhaglen Ymwybyddiaeth Ofalgar I’r Cymraeg/Adapting a Mindfulness Programme using the Welsh Language.
Using MBI:TAC domains to assess teacher impact on MBP participants: a feasibility study.

Evaluating the use of the MBI:TAC in training programmes internationally.

A qualitative study exploring the participant experience of a leadership development programme that incorporates a mindfulness=based approach.

How does mindfulness training help people with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?

IS there a role for the universal delivery of MBIs for the prevention of female adolescent onset anorexia Nervosa in the school setting? A narrative literature review.

MBA’s for people with cancer: effectiveness and coping mechanisms

A qualitative study exploring medical students’ experience of MBCT

Comparison of mindfulness training and acceptance and commitment therapy in the workplace: Exploring mindfulness skills and values-based action as mediators of change.

Mindfulness for dyslexic adults in the workplace: a psychological approach.

MBCT-ca: Anxious worry and emotional flexibility in people with cancer.

Mindfulness for motor skills in older adults

MBIs and the existential therapist in the oncology setting

The effect of nine months mindfulness meditation training on state and trait mindfulness, mental well-being, and perceived stress.

Practicing what they preach: an Interpretive Phenomenological analysis of psychologists’ experiences of using mindfulness clinically and personally.


Roberts, M.A. (2017). A review of the good practice guidelines for mindfulness teachers in the workplace (MSc) (download)


Ashwood, D. Mindfulness-Based Relapse Prevention (MBRP-R12) for substance Misuse: A Feasibility Study (MSc) download

Callaghan, M. Mindfulness-based emotional resilience programme for caregivers – a feasibility study. (MSc) (download)

Culver, D. The effects of mindfulness and meditation practices on levels of empathy, acceptance, and responsiveness in intimate relationships: A Qualitative study. (MSc) (download)

Hutchinson, J. Exploring experiences of primary-age children in applying a school-based mindfulness programme to their lives. (MSc) (download)

Irving, A. Mindfulness Beyond Eight Weeks - Exploring mindfulness teaching that happens after eight-week courses. / (MSc) download

Lambie, A. ‘Getting it under your skin’: experiences of monthly mindfulness practice support groups. / (MSc) download

Nolan, N. Is the explicit cultivation of compassion compatible with the modern secular construct of mindfulness: a social constructionist perspective. (MA) (download)

An Investigation into the Efficacy of Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) in Enriching Community Wellbeing within Regeneration Areas. (MSc)

Mindfulness and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome / Myalgic Encephalomyelitis: an investigation into the clinician use of Mindfulness-Based Interventions with people who have CFS / ME in the UK. (MSc)

.b Mindfulness Intervention for adolescents with Chronic Pain. (MA)

Investigating the lived experience of School Staff delivering Mindfulness in Schools. (MSc)

A Qualitative study on the implementation of Mindfulness-Based Approaches (MBAs) in Irish Secondary Schools. (MSc)

School Teachers’ Experiences of Mindfulness Teacher Training and the Implications for Implementing in School. (MSc)

The Teacher’s View: An exploration with teachers of Mindfulness-Based Intervention courses and the impacts of the environment in which they teach. (MSc)

Developing an Information Strategy and Plan. Investigating how national information can support the implementation and further research and development of mindfulness-based approaches to improve the health and wellbeing of citizens. (MA)

Mindfulness Based Menstrual Cycle. (MSc)

The Role of Mindfulness in Spinal Cord Injury. (MA)

How do student mental health nurses perceive mindfulness-based interventions in clinical practice? (MSc)

Mindfulness in Poetry / Poetry in Mindfulness An Autoethnographic Account of why Poetry Matters (to me). (MSc)

Assessing Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy Groups Within a Primary Care Mental Health Service. (MA)

Attitude of a selected sample of consultant psychiatrists regarding the implementation of Mindfulness-based therapeutic intervention (MBTI) in Sri Lanka: a qualitative study. (MA)

A Qualitative Study into Perceived Readiness to Deliver a Mindfulness-Based Parenting Programme by Family Support Staff. (MSc)

What are the effects of an 8 week Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy course for those learning to manage intrusive tinnitus? (MSc)


Chaskalson, M. W. (2005). Mindfulness as cognitive training; a contribution from early Buddhist thought (MA) (download)

An Interpretative Phenomenological analysis of the experience of silence in the mindfulness practice of monastics. (MSc)

The Impact of Mindfulness-based Interventions of Nurses’ Health, Well-being, levels of Stress and Quality of Life. (MSc)

Impact of Mindfulness Teacher Training on MBSR Participant Wellbeing Outcomes and course satisfaction. (MSc)

An autoethnographic study : a personal journey in becoming a mindfulness teacher. (MSc Mindfulness-Based Approaches)

A Feasibility Pilot Study of the Effects of Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) and Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT) on Symptom Change, Mindfulness, Self-Compassion and Rumination. (MSc)

How can an adapted MBCT course meet the specific vulnerabilities of women survivors of domestic violence and abuse. (MA)

A Feasibility Pilot Study of Mindfulness in Problem Substance Use Treatment with Abstinent and Non-Abstinent Users. (MSc)

The Activation of Mindfulness: What Turns it on, What Keeps it on? (MSc)

Exploring Participants’ Engagement and Participation in the Mindfulness Training Programme in the Context of the Workplace: A Qualitative Study. (MSc)

Mindfulness Inquiry Questionnaire for Teachers (MIQ-T), Development and Validation of a Questionnaire. (MSc)

Towards a Greater Understanding of the Specific Requirements for Older Adults of the MBCT Eight-week Course. (MSc)

10 Mindful Minutes a day is it Enough to make a Difference? A Feasibility Study into a low dose Mindfulness-Based Intervention (LD-MBA) and Attention. (MSc)

The Prevalence and Implementation of Mindfulness-Based Interventions in Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services Within the UK: A Pilot Survey and Analysis. (MSc)


Mindfulness-Based Intervention in Cancer Recovery in a Portuguese Population. (MSc)

The Effects of Self-Compassion within Non-Pathological Populations: A Systematic Review. (MSc)

Mindfulness within the therapeutic relationship. / MSc Mindfulness-Based Approaches.

The Inclusion of Buddhist Psychology on Teacher Training Programmes in Mindfulness-Based Interventions. / MA Mindfulness-Based Approaches.

Embodied Presence: A Heuristic Inquiry into Mindfulness Teachers’ Experiences of Authenticity. / MSc Mindfulness-Based Approaches.

A Study of Mindful Movement and Sitting Meditation. / MSc Mindfulness-Based Approaches.

On Purpose: an autoethnography of mindful intention. / MSc Mindfulness-Based Approaches.

Inquiry on Inquiry: The Phenomena of Inquiry in Teaching Mindfulness / MSc Mindfulness-Based Approaches.

Mindfulness-based Approaches and their Effectiveness with Emotional Eating. / MA Teaching Mindfulness.

A qualitative investigation into the effects and relevance of mindfulness training with healthy conscripted adolescents. / MSc Teaching Mindfulness.


The impact of a mindfulness-based stress reduction course (MBSR) on sixth-form student well-being and academic attainment. (MSc)

The long-term effectiveness of a mindfulness-based stress-reduction approach for employees with work-related stress. (MSc)

Investigating Teaching Interaction in Mindfulness-Based Teaching: A conversation Analysis Approach. (MSc)

Assessment of Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy for Cancer. (MSc)

Mindfulness teachers’ constructions of the movement from self-aversion to self-compassion in Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy participants: A grounded theory exploration. (MSc)

Mindfulness-Based Interventions: A macro conceptual framework proposal. (MA)


Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction for Hospice Staff. MSc thesis in Mindfulness-Based Approaches.

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) as an Intervention for Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). MSc thesis in Mindfulness-Based Approaches.

The Enhancement of Compassionate/Self-Compassion within the Framework of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) and Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) Programmes. MA thesis in Mindfulness-Based Approaches.

Mindfulness Based Teaching in a Recovery College. MA thesis in Mindfulness-Based Approaches.

Comparison of Three Training Programmes for Mindfulness Teachers – Analysis and Reflection. MA thesis in Mindfulness-Based Approaches.


Diggins, N. (2011) The Role of ‘Attending to Awareness Itself’ in Mindfulness-Based Interventions. MA thesis in Mindfulness-Based Approaches.

Dores, R. (2011) A heuristic exploration of experiences of empathy in mindfulness teaching. MA thesis in Mindfulness-Based Approaches.

Hawtin, H. (2011) Psychological Interventions Post- Myocardial Infarction: Exploring the potential role of Mindfulness and Acceptance-based approaches. MA thesis in Mindfulness-Based Approaches.

Heads, G. (2011) The Effects of a Mindfulness-Based Intervention with Long Term Unemployed. / MSc thesis in Mindfulness-Based Approaches.

Mindfulness, Ethics and the Teacher: The potential for ethics in teacher training courses. MA thesis in Mindfulness-Based Approaches.

An Interpretive Phenomenological Analysis study of a mindfulness-based intervention for the general population within a non-clinical setting. MSc thesis in Mindfulness-Based Approaches.

Larkin, F. (2011) Mindfulness and Psychotherapy: An Exploration of the Influence of Mindfulness Meditation on the Self of the Psychotherapist and Their Clinical Work. / MA thesis in Mindfulness-Based Approaches.

What are Feelings in Mindfulness-Based Interventions? Clarification from Early Buddhist Sources. /MA thesis in Mindfulness-Based Approaches


Determining mechanisms of change within mindfulness based cognitive therapy using interpretive phenomenological analysis. /MSc thesis in Mindfulness-Based Approaches.

Dh. Taravajra (2010) Turning towards difficult experience in mindfulness based cognitive therapy and mindfulness based stress reduction teaching. /MA thesis in Mindfulness-Based Approaches.

Jones, I.S. (2010) /Context Oriented Theatre: A theatre based approach to mindfulness, a mindfulness based approach to theatre. /MA thesis in Mindfulness-Based Approaches.

Krüger, E. (2010) /Effects of a meditation based programme of stress reduction on levels of self compassion. /MSc thesis in Mindfulness-Based Approaches.

Cocreating Mindfulness: The context and phrasing of two meditation practices. /MA thesis in Mindfulness-Based Approaches.

Compassion, its Buddhist roots, clinical applications and basis in neuroscience. /MA thesis in Mindfulness-Based Approaches.


Bamberger, N. (2009) /Associations between mindfulness and indications of recovery from alcohol use disorders. /MA thesis in Mindfulness-Based Approaches.

Black, A. (2009) Does poetry matter in the teaching of mindfulness based interventions? /MA thesis in Mindfulness – Based Approaches.

Carne, K. (2009) /Yoga in mindfulness based training: considerations for teachers. /MA thesis in Mindfulness-Based Approaches.

Conceptualisations of mindfulness in psychotherapy and the therapeutic relationship. /MA thesis in Mindfulness-Based Approaches.


Mindfulness-based distance learning: An exploratory study. /MSc thesis in Mindfulness-Based Approaches.


Hughes, S. (2007). The effects of mindfulness training for people experiencing distressing voices. /MSc thesis in Mindfulness-Based Approaches.


Crane, R. (2004). Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy: Teacher training and development unpublished dissertation, Bangor University, UK