Bangor University Brand Guidelines

Brand Guidelines have been created to ensure that the University is consistent in applying its Brand across a range of marketing materials.

Our guidelines are available as Adobe Acrobat PDF Documents

Word and Powerpoint templates are available for download from the secure server.

University Logo

  • Guidelines for correct use of the University logo with downloadable images.

Charity Registration Number

As a registered charity, the University is required by section 39 of the Charities Act 2011 to state on a range of official documents that the charity is a registered charity. The documents on which the statement must appear include:

  • notices;
  • advertisements;
  • material placed on websites; and
  • other documents issued by or on behalf of a charity intended to persuade the reader to give money or property to the charity.

All official documents should include the statement: Elusen Gofrestredig: Rhif 1141565 / Registered Charity: No. 1141565