What are our students doing now …

Our students come from a diverse range of backgrounds, practically-based and academic. Some of our students are self-employed, some are employed by private-sector companies of various sizes, and others are employed in the public-sector. A few of our students left school at the earliest opportunity and have found our courses an ideal and accessible way to obtain a meaningful and respected higher-level paper qualification, and a springboard to new employment opportunities.

Here are some profiles of recent graduates from the Forestry programmes:

Ben Norwood – MSc Forestry (Distance Learning)


Now works as:            Trees and Woodlands Advisor, SW England

Now works for:           National Trust

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Nick Marsh – MSc Forestry (Distance Learning)

Now works as:            Countryside Ranger

Now works for:          National Trust

“Since I was a child growing up in rural Herefordshire, I have had a passion for trees and woodlands, joining the Woodland Trust and eventually undertaking voluntary work in practical woodland management”

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David Kissa Ocama- MSc Forestry (Distance Learning)


Now works as:  Silviculturalist Scientist/Consultant

Now works for: National Forestry Resources Research Institute (NaFORRI)

"I picked up this competitive job as a result of the knowledge and skills acquired through the Inventory, Assessment and Monitoring and Research Methods modules (on the MSc Forestry - Distance Learning course).

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Grace Mutali- MSc Forestry (Distance Learning)

Now works as: Training Officer

Now works for: Zambia Forestry College

Our first Commonwealth Scholarship Commission (CSC) scholar to complete MSc Forestry by Distance Learning.

Grace lives in Zambia, from where she has completed the entire course, except for the Tropical Forestry Summer school that she attended in Tanzania in 2012. She completed her dissertation with the World Agroforestry Centre (ICRAF), with whom SENRGy has very close links. 

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Thomas Davreux - MSc Forestry (Distance Learning)

Now works as:  Secretary General

Now works for: PEFC Belgium

"After spending 8 years working in various banks I decided to go back to school and study forestry, a topic I had always been deeply interested in. However, I needed to keep working and Bangor was the ideal solution for me as it offered the flexibility of following a distance learning course while providing one of the best forestry tuition in Europe ...

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Simon Lloyd - Postgraduate Diploma in Forestry (Distance Learning)

Now works as: Development Director

Now works for: Royal Forestry Society

"I have a life-long interest in trees and woods but when I took on responsibility for  stewardship the family’s woods in Herefordshire I realised I knew little about the practical process of woodland management, so I enrolled on the Forestry MSc distance learning course at Bangor. Distance learning can be a bit of a struggle when you have a full time job, but the course structure, reading materials and process of continuous evaluation made it very manageable.

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