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Anyone for rounders? Staff and students socialise through rounders and volleyball

Students and staff at the School of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering (CSEE) held two social events. First, they played volleyball, next they played a game of rounders and football. The students won! 

The School of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering held two social events. Bringing staff and students together. On Wednesday 1st March a volleyball match was held, and on the 8th of March the school held a rounders and football tournament. The events were held to allow students and staff to socialise. Although the competitive streak in both sides came out on the pitch. The rounders game was a tournament between staff and students over several rounds.

Rounders was brilliant. It was a very chilly day, but everyone laughed, and we had so much fun together. Obviously, everyone was a winner on the day, but it is safe to say that the students were much better than the staff and won them all! A football tournament was also held, and this was a mix between staff and students. The staff fared much better with their team winning! Next time we will beat the students!

Dr Mohammed Madbrook,  Senior Tutor

Daniel Roberts (Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol lecturer, and Director of Student Experience) said

It was brilliant to arrange a social activity for the whole school to participate in. Following the Covid pandemic, it is great that we can now all come and have fun together. Despite the chilly weather, it was excellent to see so many people attend and brave the elements – who knew we could have snow showers in March!

The events were a success. It was great to see staff and students socialising together, and more events are planned. Dr Sa’ad Mansoor (Senior Lecturer in Computer Science), who helped organise the events finished by saying

This was a remarkable success. We had fun. We will organise more of these events. 


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