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Recent Grant Awards


NERC UK Climate Resilience Programme
Sensitivity of Estuaries to Climate Hazards (SEARCH).
Robins PE, Lewis MJ et al. £195,737. Aug 2020 – Oct. 2022.

Viral dark matter: The emergence and distribution of human and animal viruses in Nigerian waters – Part B.
Farkas K, Robins PE. £33,718. July 2020 – Oct. 2020.

National COVID-19 Wastewater Epidemiology Surveillance Programme (NWESP).
Singer A (PI @ CEH), Jones D, Farkas K, Robins PE, Golyshin P, et al. £90,114. June 2020 – Sept. 2021.

Pathways to Realistic Impact Modelling in Estuarine Areas (PRIMEA).
Robins PE, Neill SP, Lewis MJ et al. Oct 2020 – Oct. 2023.

KESS2-East/Sefton Council PhD
TBA (Coastal morphology of Liverpool Bay).
Austin M, Van Landeghem K, Robins PE. Oct. 2020 – Apr. 2023.

KESS2-East/Dwr Cymru Welsh Water PhD
Predicting future compound hazards of coastal flooding.
Robins PE, Malham S, Jones D, Lewis MJ. Apr. 2020 – Apr. 2023.

Welsh Government
National Research Network for Low Carbon, Energy and Environment (NRN-LCEE). Thomas, DN; £174 K; July 2020 -March 2023

Eurofleets+ through H2020
Using energy landscapes to explain habitat-use of seabirds (SENERGY). Waggitt JJ. Use of RV Arni Freidrickson at Marine and Freshwater Research Institute (Iceland). 2020

BES Small Grant
Do intermittent meteorological events disrupt the foraging routines of coastal seabirds? Waggitt JJ. £5000

National Geographic Exploration Grant
Project title: “Path of least resistance: fluid energyscapes of seabirds”. Cordes, L. $28,048

EPSRC SUPERGEN Early Career Research Fund
Going where modern technology cannot: novel adaptions of conventional approaches to record seabird behaviour and fish communities in tidal stream environments. Waggitt JJ (Bangor) and Fraser SJ (UHI). £9246


Bangor-Cemlyn Jones PhD
Coastal flooding: Using historical records to mitigate future risk.
Robins PE, Skov M, Lewis MJ. Nov. 2019 – Jan. 2023.

European Social Funds KESS2 MSc by research studentship
Wind-driven sea surface currents. Neill SP, Robins PE, Lewis MJ; MSc (by research) studentship; £15k. October 2019 - September 2020

PRIMaRE Short Research Visit Grant
Development of methods for ecological studies in tidal stream environments. Waggitt JJ (Bangor) and Fraser SJ (UHI). 2020. £500

Sêr Cymru II - MSCA COFUND Fellowship for Paula de Barra.
KESS East PhD: Using novel methods to improve risk assessments of renewable energy development for marine predators. Waggitt, Hiddink, Bond

Sêr Cymru COFUND Fellowship
Saltmarsh landscape effects on fisheries production. Hiddink, Skov. £42k

Lundy Field Society Grant.
Exploring the relative influence of tidal currents and weather patterns on cetacean presence at Lundy Island, Bristol Channel. Waggitt J.J. £500. 2020

ASSEMBLE Plus through H2020.
Seasonality in seabird associations and responses to oceanography in coastal environments (SEASONBIRD). Waggitt J J. Use of facilities at Toralla Marine Science Station (Vigo, Spain). 2020

Biodiversity and Ecosystem Evidence and Research Needs (BEERN) Programme.
Documenting breeding behaviour on an expanding and understudied colony of seabirds – Middle Mouse, Anglesey. Waggitt J J. £1000. 2020.

European Regional Development Fund
Smart Efficient Energy Centre (SEEC) (£7M) Simon Neill (School of Ocean Sciences), Iestyn Pierce (School of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering) & Graham Ormondroyd (The BioComposite Centre). 2019-2023.

Dispersal of microplastics in the marine environment. Simon Neill, Peter Robins & Matt Lewis; October 2019 - March 2023

ASSEMBLE Plus through H2020.
Scaling-laws in coastal seabird distributions: understanding the relative influence of tidal and meteorological processes (TIMETBIRD). Waggitt JJ (Bangor) and Fraser SJ (UHI). Use of facilities at Toralla Marine Science Station (Vigo, Spain). July 2019.

European Regional Development Fund
Shellfish Centre (£3.9M) Le Vay, Malham, Robins, King, D. Jones, J McDonald, McCarthy. 2018-2021

European Maritime & Fisheries Fund
Menai Offshore Subsurface Shellfish Systems (£750k) Le Vay, Malham, Robins, King. 2018-2021

SEAFISH, Food Standards Agency, EMFF
Developing an assurance scheme for shellfish and human health (SEAFISH, £419k) Malham,, Le Vay, Robins, D. Jones, J McDonald, L Jones (CEH), Cooper (CEH) 2019-2020

BSG Early Career Researcher Grant
Can plant communities engineer saltmarsh morphology to build resilience? Ladd CJT £4.2k. March 2019 - March 2020

NERC Highlight Topic
Microbial hitch-hikers of marine plastics: The survival, persistence & ecology of microbial communities in the Plastisphere. Peter Golyshin, Davey Jones, David Thomas, Peter Robins and Bela Paizs. £1.5M (£479K  to Bangor). February 2019 - January 2023

European Maritime and Fisheries Fund
Fisher-Scientist Partnership for Sustainable Fisheries Wales. McCarthy, I., Hold, N., LeVay, L., Hiddink, J., Jenkins, S., Heenan, A. £1.32M. February 2019 - December 2022

European Maritime and Fisheries Fund
Innovation in video and electronic fisheries data. McCarthy, I., Hold, N., Hiddink, J. and Aberystwyth University £145,261. March 2019 - March 2021

NERC Standard Grant
Milankovitch and Tidal Cycle History (MATCH). Green, JAM, Waltham, D. £570k (£320k to Bangor). June 2019 - December 2022.

NERC Highlight Topic
Artificial Light Impacts on Coastal Ecosystems (ALICE).  Davies T, Jenkins SR, Gimenez G, Cordes L et al.  £1.7M (£794k to Bangor). May 2019 - April 2023

PRIMaRE Short Research Visit Grant
Identifying consistencies in animals' use of tidal stream environments to inform environmental impact assessments. Waggitt JJ (Bangor), Bond J (Bangor) and Fraser SJ (UHI). 2019. £1200

Joint Seafish, EMFF, Food Standards Agency funding
Developing an assurance scheme for shellfish and human health (DASSHH) project.  Phase 1 of a larger project.  Shelagh Malham, Lewis LeVay, Peter Robins, et al. working with CEH Bangor.   November 2018 - March 2020.  £42,904

ASSEMBLE Plus through H2020
Combining Topographical and Current information to identify important foraging habitats for Seabirds across coastal environments (TOCUBIRD). Waggitt JJ (Bangor) and Fraser SJ (UHI). Use of facilities at Instutute Of Marine Research (Azores, Portugal) and Stazione Zoologica Anton Dohrn (Naples, Italy). March - April 2019.

European Regional Development Funds
MEECE (Marine Energy Engineering Centre of Excellence). Simon Neill. £614k (part of a £5M multi-partner grant led by Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult). January 2019 - August 2022.

NERC Changing Arctic Ocean
€800k "Primary Production driven by escalating Arctic nutrient fluxes?". PI Lenn, Co-I Rippeth. PDRA Ben Lincoln.


SMARTExpertise 2014-2020
SustaiNable Aquariums Project (SNAP). King JW, Jones NJE, Galley TH,. £771,423 (£384,735 to Bangor). July 2018 - June 2021

ESRC IAA Impact Project Grant
Improved Arctic Ocean forecasting. Amount: £3,230. Rippeth (PI). 1st September 2018 - 31st January 2019

£17,974. Remote Sensing of renewable energy resource. Lewis (PI), Neill and Robins (Co-I). 2018 - 2019

Postdoctoral fellowship £364,293. Improving Methods of Characterising Resource, Interactions and Conditions for Marine Renewable Energy (METRIC). Lewis (PI). 2018 - 2021

£110,967. Combination Hazard of Extreme rainfall, storm Surge & high Tide on estuarine infrastructure (CHEST). PI (Coulthard), Robins and Lewis (Co-I). 2018 - 2019

ESRC IAA Impact Project Grant.
Shellfish Sustainability. Malham S.K. (Project investigator and lead); LeVay, L.  Jones, D. McDonald, J. (Co-investigators). £16,241. July - December 2018

ESRC IAA Impact Project Award
Biodiversity Action Plans for the Chagos Archipelago, British Indian Ocean Territory  Turner, J.R. (Principal Investigator & Project Lead); Roche, R. (Co-investigator).  £13,692.  July 2018 - December 2018

Bangor University ECR Award
Changing tides: implications of palaeo- and future tidal-range changes in eastern Canada. Ward SL, £1,500. May - August 2018

EMFF MARine MAnagement: Tool for evaluating conservation Evidence: (MARMATE)
£104,618 Hiddink and Kaiser. May 2018 - March 2020

EMFF Scallop fisheries in the English Channel
£130k. Hiddink and Kaiser. January 2018 - December 2019

EMFF Adaptive approach to MPA Management Project
£74k. Hiddink and Kaiser. April 2018 - March 2020

ASSEMBLE Plus through H2020
Ship time on RV Oceanograf in Gdansk Bay. In kind, ~£100k. Hiddink. Summer 2018

European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF)
Sea Bass Fisheries Conservation UK.  McCarthy ID.  £30k. April 2018 - March 2020
Subcontract on a larger EMFF award to Cefas

ASSEMBLE Plus through H2020
Quantifying seabird use of tidal stream environments in the Ria De Vigo, north-western Spain. Waggitt JJ.  
Use of facilities at Toralla Marine Science Station (Vigo, Spain). June 2018.

Ice-ocean interaction: effects of climate change on Antarctic ice-shelf dynamics. Green, JAM, Lenn, YD (Bangor), Gudmundson, HG (Northumbria), Jenkins, A (BAS); October 2018 - March 2022

National Overseas Scholarship (India) PhD studentship
Earth system consequences of collapsing ice-sheets. Green, JAM (Bangor). £120k. September 2018 - August 2022

NRN-LCEE: Returning Fellowship
Coupled marine ecosystem modelling, with application to the Welsh marine renewable energy sector. Ward, SL; £6k. February 2018 - December 2018


NRN-LCEE visiting Bursary
£1450. Coupled modelling and Met Office collaboration.  Lewis (PI). 2017-2018

£4500. Future of Estuaries workshop. Lewis (PI), Robins (Co-I). 2017

ESRC Impact Acceleration Account
Implementing methodologies for the assessment of the state of the seabed. Hiddink. £1395

Newton Fund (Institutional Links Award with British Council and FAPESP, Brazil)
Coastal biodiversity and public policies: methodologies and actions to integrate stakeholders.  Jenkins SR, Christofoletti RA, St. John FAV, Martins F.   £120k. April 2017 - March 2019

WEFO: Ser Cymru II Fellowship
Artificial Light Impacts on the Encroachment of Invasive Species (ALIENS)  Appointed Fellow Dr Tom Davies in association with Stuart Jenkins. £171k. October 2017- September 2020

FAPESP, Brazil.
The strength of ecological interactions and environmental mediation on coastal ecosystems Jenkins SR et al £45k. August 2017-July 2019

Food and Drink Wales.
A celebration of the cooked oyster. Jonathan King £5k. September 2017

Shelf sea biogeochemistry trawling impacts synthesis £2.5k. Hiddink

Marie Sklodowska-Curie COFUND Fellowship.
Marine Ecosystem Trophic References and Indicators for assessing system Condition and Status (METRICs). £316k Appointed Fellow: Dr Adel Heenan; Supervisor: Dr Gareth Williams

Interreg Atlantic Area Programme
COCKLES (Boosting Co-operation and integration of Capacities for applying Knowledge and mutual Learning in Restoring Cockle Shellfisheries and its related Ecosystem-Services in the Atlantic Area). Shelagh Malham, Peter Robins, Luis Gimenez, et al £347K to Bangor.  October 17 - September 20

NERC Environmental Risks to Infrastructure Innovation Programme
Combination hazard of extreme rainfall, storm surge & high tide on estuarine infrastructure (CHEST). Tom Coulthard, Peter Robins and Matt Lewis. £39k.  November 2017 - August 2018

Beatrice Offshore Windfarm Ltd
A strategic regional Marine Mammal Monitoring Programme for assessing the population consequences of constructing the BOWL and MORL Wind Farm Developments Line Cordes £16k. 2017 - 2019.

Bertarelli Foundation
Coral Reef Condition in the Chagos Archipelago.  John Turner, Gareth Williams, Ronan Roche et al   (1.8 m USD - 886,695 USD to Bangor - and part of a 4 m USD series of multi-partner projects on Chagos reefs which also includes Australian Institute of Marine Science, Lancaster and Stanford). 

Marine Stewardship Council
Determining quantitative habitat impact in Marine Stewardship Council assessments.  Mike Kaiser, January Hiddink; £153k.  March 2017 - September 2019

INTERREG Ireland-Wales Programme
ECOSTRUCTURE: climate change adaptation through ecologically sensitive coastal infrastructure. Jenkins SR, Davies AD, Neill SP, Robins PE; £774k (part of £3.5 million multi-partner grant). June 2017- November 2020

Widening our view of the reef: the landscape ecology of disturbance and recovery on Pacific coral reefs. Williams GJ, Healey J et al. October 2017- March 2021

Functional changes in coral reef marine protected areas.  Graham NAJ (Lancaster), Williams GJ (Bangor). October 2017- March 2021

Measurable metrics for the characterisation of large-scale turbulent structures in tidal races for the marine tidal energy industry. Austin MJ, Rippeth TP, Green, JAM; £178k. July 2017 - June 2018

NRN-LCEE: Fellowship writing grant
Characterisation of large-scale turbulent structures with application to the marine renewable energy industry.  Austin MJ, Rippeth TP, Green, JAM; £9k. March 2017 - April 2017

European Social Funds KESS2 Phd studentship
Identification of measurable metrics for characterisation of marine turbulence in tidal races.
Austin MJ, Rippeth TP, Green, JAM; £52k. March 2017 - February 2020. (In partnership with Nortek)

INTERREG Ireland -Wales Programme
Irish Sea Portal Pilot (ISPP)  Shelagh Malham, Peter Robins, Lewis LeVay et al: £620k (part of 1.4 m euros with BIM in Ireland). January 2017 - September 2018

INTERREG Ireland-Wales Programme
Bluefish (Building Resilience into Blue Growth in the Irish and Celtic Seas Fisheries and Aquaculture) Shelagh Malham, Peter Robins, Lewis LeVay, Mike Kaiser et al £1,4m (Part of 6.6m euros multipartner). January 2017 - Dec 2020

Food Standards Agency
Desk based study: Active Management of Shellfisheries.  Shelagh Malham, Peter Robins, Lewis LeVay et al £28k.  January 2017 - April 2017

European Social Funds KESS2
Balancing commercial seed mussel harvest and shorebird conservation. Cordes L, Hiddink JG; £52k. January 2017 - Dec 2020; (In partnership with Myti Mussels).

How can we maximise the benefits from living marine natural capital?  Hiddink JG, Kaiser MJ. £26k (part of £0.5 million multi-partner grant). January 2017 - May 2018

Cumulative Impacts and the Management of Marine Ecosystems Hiddink JG, Kaiser. £62k (part of £0.5 million multi-partner grant). January 2017 - May 2018

Fellowship writing grant: Science to underpin sustainable fisheries in Welsh waters. Kaiser MJ; £6k. May 2017 - August 2017

Demographic consequences of variation in individual foraging strategies of northern fulmars. Cordes LS, Bishop C (Bangor), Thompson P (Aberdeen). October 2017 - March 2021


European Social Funds KESS2 PhD studentship
Modelling the distribution and habitat impacts of an expanding roe deer population in Wales.
Shannon GS, Healey J, Cordes LS; MRes studentship; £14k. November 2016 - November 2017

European Social Funds KESS2 PhD studentship
Valuing the ecosystem services provided by shellfish aquaculture. Shelagh Malham, Lewis LeVay, Laurence Jones (CEH), Mike Christie (AU), Andrew Olivier (PhD student). £52,000. October 2016 - 2019

Research Development Fund: Grant proposal development award. (Robins P, Lewis M, Neill S) £5,000.

Research Development Fund: Grant proposal development award. (Lewis M, Robins P, Neill S)) £5k

Research Development Fund: Tidal Lagoon Workshop. (Neill S, Lewis M, Robins P) £10k


European Social Funds KESS2 PhD studentship
Simulating variability of North Wales mussel populations. Neill SP, Robins PE, Malham SK; £53k. 2015 - 2018 (In partnership with Extra Mussel).