Professor John Turner smiling at the camera on the shore of the Menai Strait
Professor John Turner
Credit:David Roberts, Bangor University

Welcome by John Turner, Head of School About the School

Welcome to the School of Ocean Sciences, one of the largest university Marine Science departments in Europe.

We are a multidisciplinary marine science department located on the shores of the Menai Strait, North Wales, UK.

[0:02] In the words of Sir David Attenborough

[0:04] we are facing the man-made disaster of global scale.

[0:16] Climate change, habitat loss, pollution and falling insect numbers

[0:18] threatening the collapse of civilizations

[0:19] and the extinction of much of the

[0:22] natural world. Plastic pollution in every

[0:26] river and ocean contaminate our food and

[0:28] kill hundreds of thousands of sea birds

[0:30] and animals every year. Greenhouse gas

[0:36] emissions are rising in the last 30

[0:39] years we've lost rainforest areas the

[0:41] size of South Africa which are vital for

[0:44] trapping and storing excess carbon. But,

[0:49] it doesn't have to be like this...

[0:55] With the right knowledge we can make a

[0:58] difference. With the right research we

[1:01] can plan another future for our planet

[1:03] and, at Bangor University you can play

[1:06] your part in doing just that. By studying

[1:09] the potential of waves and tides, for

[1:11] offshore renewable energy aboard our

[1:13] university research vessel....

[1:15] By researching honeybee behaviour and

[1:17] habitat restoration techniques at our

[1:19] university farm and reintroducing native

[1:22] species to improve pollination... By using

[1:25] Internet connected devices to guide

[1:27] action on air pollution and emissions,

[1:29] nitrate levels, soil quality and solar

[1:32] energy.  That's why I chose to study at

[1:36] School of Ocean Sciences. of Natural

[1:38] Sciences, of Computer Science and

[1:41] Electronic Engineering. At Bangor

[1:44] University in north Wales,

[1:50] discover more about living and learning

[1:53] between the sea and the mountains.

[1:55] Register for our open days today,  and go

[1:59] on to make a difference.

Our courses


Our academics and students are involved in research projects around the world. Their discoveries are helping shape government policies and changing the very way we think about the most important topics of the day.

Centre for Applied Marine Sciences

The Centre for Applied Marine Sciences (CAMS) works to increase the impact of marine research by linking academic research to real-world applications. 

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A student working in the lab


From inshore and seagoing research vessels to state-of-the-art laboratories, systems and software, the School of Ocean Sciences has all the support facilities needed for teaching and research.  

Ship coming in to dock
The Prince Madog coming back in to dock

Research Vessel Prince Madog

Used by Bangor University and other UK universities, our research vessel allows up to 10 scientists and 20 students at a time to study the biology, chemistry, geology and physics of our seas. 


School of Ocean Sciences Alumni Association (SOSA)

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School of Ocean Sciences, Menai Bridge LL59 5AB

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School of Ocean Sciences, Menai Bridge LL59 5AB

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