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College Park Project update

Project Update

Bangor University and Gillespies have been working together on creating a new vision for College Park. These consultation boards provide an update on what’s been happening since the last community engagement event, highlight key challenges and opportunities for the park and explain the initial design ideas that are proposed to start in 2024 (subject to planning consent).

Located at the base of Bangor University Main Arts building, College Park is an important green space connecting the University and the City of Bangor, it is however often overlooked and underused. Historically, the park has been treated as an isolated space with its use and purpose unclear. The vision for College Park is to make it a more welcoming place for everyone to enjoy. We plan to open-up this area and create a welcoming green space in the City of Bangor. With new facilities, College Park could be transformed into a vibrant and exciting place of education and enjoyment.

Recent Progress

  • Professional surveys of trees and ecology have been completed
  • Initial thinning and management of trees has occurred based upon arboricultural advice
  • A flight of steps has been constructed to provide an external link from Pontio level 4 to Lower Penrallt Road
  • Structural assessments of retaining walls have been undertaken
  • Design proposals have been updated in response to feedback received from stakeholders
  • Design proposals have been adjusted to reflect budget pressures created by cost inflation

Download PDF of the consultation boards

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