Centre successful in £1.84 million NIHR grant application

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Our aims

Welcome to the Centre for Evidence Based Early Intervention (CEBEI). We are a Bangor University Research Centre situated within the School of Psychology that develops programmes and resources and conducts research on programmes that aim to improve childhood experiences.

The Centre grew out of a project started in 1995 by Professor Judy Hutchings, with colleagues from the NHS and the University of Wales, Bangor. Its aim was to develop and promote interventions for children displaying behavioural challenges and to establish an evidence base of programmes that delivered successful outcomes. The main focus is with research and programmes that are based on Social Learning Theory which incorporate cognitive (mental) processes with behavioural theory to suggest that learning takes place through an interaction between the individual and the environment. This learning is influenced by several factors; attention, retention, repetition and motivation, and behaviour change programmes based on Social Learning Theory use these factors to underpin practical strategies for behaviour change.

The three main themes of the Centre are based on research indicating that:

  • Children with behavioural management difficulties that are problematic for parents and teachers have poor long-term outcomes.
  • Behaviourally based parent or teacher training programmes are the most effective interventions for childhood behavioural problems. (NICE recommendations)
  • Early intervention for behavioural issues is both the most cost effective and efficient strategy.

Funding of CEBEI activity comes from grants from a range of sources including a registered charity, the Children’s Early Intervention Trust (CEIT) (charity no: 1120056) which raises funds through grant applications and training activity including the sale of resources to support the use of effective programmes. CEIT training activity is co-ordinated through Early Intervention Wales Training Ltd (EIWT) a wholly owned subsidiary of CEIT. EIWT delivers training, supervision and support to services using evidence based or evidence informed programmes.