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CEBEI Activity




9th - 12th October 2019: Judy trained six Montenegrin in-house coaches in the parenting programme.


16th & 17th September 2019: Claire presented her poster at The European Society for Prevention Research conference in Ghent, Belgium.


13th - 15th September 2019: Anwen presented her poster ‘Micro-costing of the Incredible Years Autism Spectrum and Language Delays Programme’ at the Autism Europe Congress held in Nice.


11th & 12th September 2019: Margiad presented “Reducing Harsh Parenting in Montenegro” at the Adverse Childhood Experience Support Hub Conference in Aberystwyth.


8th - 14th September 2019: Judy training twenty-four Montenegrin group leaders in the parenting programme.


4th September 2019: Judy presented a Clinical Skills Class on the EPaS assessment process at the Annual BABCP conference in Bath.


27th & 28th June 2019: Judy contributed two days of teaching on parenting and school based work to the Exeter University’s new Education Mental Health Practitioner (EMHP). The course started in January.


26th June 2019: Anwen presented her poster ‘Evaluating the cost and benefits of the Incredible Years Autism Spectrum and Language Delays Programme’ at the College of Human Sciences Conference, Bangor University.


4th - 6th June 2019: Suzy and Rachel will both be presenting posters at the Worlds Anti-bullying Forum conference in Dublin.


Summer 2019: Throughout the summer term Judy has been supporting RISE project coaches in Romania, Moldova and North Macedonia with five half days of SKYPE support to the coaches in each country.


27th - 31st May 2019: Margiad attended the Society for Prevention Research annual meeting in San Francisco. She gave two presentations: one on the PLH Montenegro project and the other on the IY Autism pilot study. There was also an accepted paper on the RISE pilot phase which was presented by Dr Jamie Lachman.


April - June 2019:  Enrique Callejas Castro, a PhD student from the University of La Laguna, Tenerife, spent a three month sabbatical with us in Bangor.


2nd April 2019: Annual CEBEI conference held in Bangor.


1st – 5th April 2019: Egle Havrdová and a group of Czech teachers visited the Centre.


14th March 2019: Margiad attended a British Academy meeting in London  about future funding opportunities on early childhood development in low- and middle-income countries.


12th March 2019: The 2019 Anne Marie Jones Memorial Lecture was given by Sir John Timpson of the Timpson Foundation – Light Bulb Moments (Presentation) (Biography)


11th March 2019: Margiad gave a guest lecture to first year undergraduate psychology students on the Applied Psychology module of the BSc in Psychology


February 2019: Judy delivered two days of SKYPE coach training for  Macedonia (9th and 10th February) and Moldova (19th and 20th February) and one day for Romania (21st February) as part of the RISE project.


24th January 2019: Judy went to Trinity College Dublin to examine a PhD.


18th January 2019: Judy spoke at the Ysbyty Gwynedd Grand Round


15th & 16th January 2019: Anwen held a Book-sharing training in Bangor





28th November 2018: Anwen presented a poster at the School of Psychology PhD Winter Conference.


12th November 2018: Rachel spoke at the Bullying and Mental Health Conference, London


5th - 9th  November 2018: Egle Havrdová and a group of Czech teachers visited the Centre.


24th - 27th October 2018: Anwen presented her poster at the Euro SPR conference in Lisbon, Portugal.


8th - 10th October 2018: Judy and Margiad attended the RISE partners meeting in Chisinau Moldova


1st October 2018: Judy spoke at a meeting in Cardiff at the launch of the “Talk, Learn, a financial capability intervention for parents. Findings from a 6- and 12-month impact evaluation” about the Centre’s parenting work including the IY programmes.


28th September 2018: Judy supervised staff in Montenegro on their second delivery of the Caring Families programme during a live supervision session in Podgorica.


26th September 2018: Judy was a participant at an MRC funded conference Trauma and Adverse Childhood Experience Springboard (TrACEs) Workshop, co-ordinated by Dr Vashti Berry.


18th -  21st September 2018: Judy attended the IY mentor meeting in France. She talked about our local IY research.


11th and 25th September and 11th October 2018: Judy delivered the three-day EPaS training to six members of the Gwynedd foster care team as part of Sue’s PhD study. Our EPaS manual (Hutchings and Williams) will be published by Routledge in February 2019.


6th September 2018: Margiad spoke at the Autistica conference in London and Anwen presented a poster


3rd – 5th September 2018: Judy trained staff in the Czech republic on the Caring Families parenting programme for parents of 2 – 9 year olds


6th July 2018: Judy spoke at the Montenegro UNICEF conference to present a final report on the project for UNICEF Montenegro.


27th June 2018: Judy spoke at Harplands Hospital, Stoke on Trent to the CAMHS team about making parenting programmes work with reference to the COPPI ADHD trail in which they partnered.


19th June 2018: Anwen and Suzy ran a workshop at the CaBan teacher conference at Venue Cymru, Llandudno


13th - 15th June 2018: Judy was the keynote speaker at a conference in Helsinki, Finland


7th June 2018: Margiad attended the Jack Tizard Conference in London where her poster won an award.


29th May 2018: Judy presented on implementation of the IY parent programmes at the Nordic Implementation Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark.


12th - 14th April 2018: Judy went to Montenegro for UNICEF funded 'Parenting for Lifelong Health (PLH) 2-9' programme. 


13th March 2018: Judy went to Belfast to present on "Making evidence-based interventions work at the coal face” at the National Children’s Bureau confernce.


12th - 16th March 2018: 23 teachers from the Czech Republic visit the Centre to learn about the Early Years Foundation Phase, the Welsh Curriculum and teacher training in general.


6th - 8th March 2018: Judy to Montenegro for UNICEF funded 'Parenting for Lifelong Health (PLH) 2-9' programme. 


26th February 2018: Natalie attends Data protection talk at Bangor University.


18th - 28th February 2018: Margiad visits Macedonia, Romania and Mordova for RISE project.


8th February 2018: The 2018 CEBEI conference (Evidence based service provision for children, families and schools) was held in Cardiff.


7th February 2018: The 2018 CEBEI conference (Evidence based service provision for children, families and schools) was held in Bangor.


6th February 2018: The 2017 Anne Marie Jones Memorial Lecture was given by Graham Allen, Founder Early Intervention Foundation, entitled 'Early Intervention-why leave it so late?'


29th January- 1st February 2018: Judy in Montenegro to supervise leaders of the UNICEF funded 'Parenting for Lifelong Health (PLH) 2-9' programme.


17th January 2018: Judy presented on the EPaS programme at the BPS Division of Clinical Psychology Annual conference in Cardiff.



25th November 2017: Judy was a keynote speaker at the UNICEF regional conference in Manila, Philippines and also undertook leader supervision with previously trained leaders.


9th November 2017: Judy and Suzy present at the Children in Scotland conference "Every Child, Every Childhood" on KiVa Anti-bullying programme.


26th October 2017: Judy and Suzy presented on KiVa at the Public Health Wales conference in Cardiff.


16th - 21st October 2017: Judy trained a group of staff to delvier Sinovuyo  programme for parents of 3 – 8 year olds in Montenegro.


2nd - 6th October 2017: A group of 20 teachers from the Czech Republic visited the Centre.


20th - 22nd September2017: Margiad and Dawn presented at the European Society for Prevention Research conference in Vienna, Austria.


11th – 13th September 2017: Judy attended the annual Parenting for Lifelong Health meeting in Cape Town.


5th - 7th September 2017: Judy and Sue attended the Annual IY mentor meeting in Seattle.


19th July 2017: Judy presented on KiVa at the second BPS funded Bulying Prevention Conference at Keele University.


23rd June 2018: Judy was invited to speak at a WHO parenting conference in Montenegro.


30th May - 2nd June: Judy and Margiad attended  the Society for Prevention Research Annual conference in Washington DC. Margiad’s paper had been accepted and they also presented Suzy and Dawn’s accepted posters.


18th May 2017: Judy presented a talk to the North Wales BABCP on “fix the problem or fix the environment – lessons from the KiVa antibullying programme”.


15th - 19th May 2017: Tim Van Zyl from New Zealnd spent time in Wales and the Centre leaning about the KiVa Wales project.


9th & 10th May 2017: Judy and Margiad attended the Europeran Incredible Years Researcher and Implementer Network meeting in Talinn, Estonia where Margiad will give a presentation about the IY Autism project.


27th -31st March 2017: Dr Egle Havrdova of Schola Empirica, a Czech NGO, brought a group of 20 Czech teachers to visit the Centre and local schools, to see Welsh approaches to teaching social and emotional regulation skills. Rhiain Gwyn presented a day of teaching on Curriculum Caleb. This is the fifth group to visit the centre over the last 5 years.


23rd March 2017: The 2017 CEBEI conference (Evidence based service provision for families and schools) was held in Cardiff.


22nd March 2017: The 2017 CEBEI conference (Evidence based service provision for families and schools) was held in Bangor.


21st March 2017: The 2017 Anne Marie Jones Memorial Lecture was given by Professor Sally Holland, Children's Commissioner for Wales, entitled ‘How can Wales ensure that every child has an equal chance to be the best they can be?’ 


24th February 2017: Judy went to Manila, the Philippines for a week to provide training and supervision for the Philippines Sinovuyo implementation project.


16th February 2017: Judy spoke at the GwE Regional Conference Teaching and Learning – Pushing the Boundaries in Llandudno. The presentation was entitled ‘Supporting teachers and children in school.’


31st January 2017: Judy attended the optimisation workshop at Wolfson College, Oxford University to discuss dissemination of Sinovuyo 2 - 9 programme. Linda Collins, from the Penn State University Methodology Centre, led the workshop.


10th& 11th January and 5th & 6th April 2017: Judy delivered four days of training for Anglesey Council to pre-school settings staff from the 50 statutory and voluntary settings across the Island. Participants each attend two half days and the two sessions covered i) Readiness for school – Helping children in the pre-school setting. and ii) Promoting children’s language in the pre-school setting.





1stDecember 2016: Suzy and Judy attended Children’s Commissioner for Wales Anti-bullying conference in Bangor.


25th November 2016: Judy presented on our child and teacher work at a conference entitled “Incredible Years® for the promotion of children’s mental health” at Coimbra University, Portugal to launch the results of the Portuguese Teacher Classroom Management trial.


17th November 2016: Judy was the external examiner for a PhD in Stockholm on a universal parenting programme.


31st October & 1st November: Judy presented a paper at the European Society for Prevention Research meeting in Berlin and Suzy presented a poster on a KiVa case study from one school.


6th October 2016: Suzy and Natalie attended the Preventing Bullying Behaviour Group meeting at Children in Wales, in Cardiff.


3rd October 2016: Judy spoke on KiVa at “Prejudice and Unlawful Behaviour: Insights from NGOs” seminar hosted by the Equality and Diversity Foundation, Tavistock Square, London.


28th - 30th September 2016: Judy presented on our autism project at the IY mentor meeting in Utrecht.


26th September 2016: Judy spoke on KiVa at “Prejudice and Unlawful Behaviour: public bodies seminar” hosted by the Equalities and Human Rights Commission at their offices at Fleetbank House, London EC4.


21st September 2016: Judy gave a research update to the NWW CAMHS team meeting in Bryn Y Neuadd Hospital, Llanfairfechan.


16th – 18th September 2016: Margiad presented a poster ‘Supporting parents of young children with autistic spectrum disorders through a group-based parenting programme’ at the XI Autism Europe International Congress in Edinburgh.


16th September 2016: Dawn presented on her PhD topic at a Welsh Conference funded by the Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol at Bangor University.


7th September 2016: Judy talked in Connah’s Quay Flying Start to teachers and school-based support staff on the IY Parent, Child and Teacher programmes.



14th June 2016: Judy was the keynote speaker for the Erasmus project concluding international conference, ‘Good Start: Supporting Social and Emotional Competences of Pre-school Children’ at Grebova vila, Prague, Czech Republic


9th & 10th June 2016: Judy and Suzy had two papers accepted for the University College Dublin anti-bullying conference at which Christina Salmavalli was a keynote speaker. Judy spoke on “Introducing, researching, and disseminating the KiVa Anti-bullying programme in Wales” and Suzy and Judy on “Case study: outcomes and lessons learned from implementing KiVa in a North Wales school.”


31st May - 3rd June 2016: Judy presented a paper “Preliminary outcomes and lessons learned from introducing the school-based KiVa Anti-bullying programme in Wales” to the Society for Prevention Research (SPR) 24th Annual Meeting "Using Prevention Science to Promote Health Equity and Improve Well-being" which was held in San Francisco, CA.


10th May 2016: Judy spoke on the KiVa Anti-bullying programme at the 2016 Bangor Behaviour Change Festival (Presentation)


27th April 2016: Judy and Gwilym Siôn ap Gruffudd (of Bangor University's School of Education) attend Erasmus+ Programme of European Commission meeting in Leeds.


14th April 2016: Judy attended the 30th anniversary celebration of the North Wales Clinical Programme.


12th April 2016: Judy spoke at the Recognising Risks, Supporting Brighter Futures Early Intervention Foundation National Conference on the parenting work in Wales in a session titled ‘Reflections from the UK & Ireland: What are the big opportunities for early intervention in 2016?’ in London.


17th & 18th March 2016: Judy presented a paper on progress to date and future plans for our Autism project at the European IY meeting in Edinburgh.


11th February 2016: Judy spoke at the Welsh Government Anti-bullying leadership group about KiVa.


9th February 2016: Judy attended the COPPI trial steering group at Southampton University.


3rd February 2016: The 2016 conference was held, with the aid of an ESRC Impact Acceleration small grant, in Cardiff .


2nd February 2016: The 2016 conference was held, with the aid of an ESRC Impact Acceleration small grant, in Bangor.


1st February 2016: The Anne Marie Jones Memorial Lecture was given by Professor Christina Salmivalli, of Turku University, Finland, developer of the KiVa, Anti-bullying Programme. The lecture entitled ‘Creating safe learning environments by reducing bullying: What can schools, parents, and students do?’


26th - 28th January 2016: Judy attended a WHO meeting in Cape Town University as part of the parenting for lifelong heath project being undertaken by the Violence Prevention Alliance parenting subgroup.


13th January 2016: Judy spoke about the work of the centre on children’s social-emotional development at the School of Psychology Research Awayday at Plas Rhianfa.




2nd December 2015: Judy presented a paper on forty years of clinical psychology at the 50th Anniversary Conference for the Division of Clinical Psychology, BPS.

24th/25th November 2015: Judy spoke on research and dissemination of the IY programmes in Wales at the Euro IY researcher and administrator group conference in Utrecht.

18th November 2015: Judy spoke at the Special Educational Needs Tribunal Meeting at the Welsh Government Offices in Llandudno Junction on research to support to develop children’s social and emotional skills.

21st October 2015: Judy spoke on the KiVa Anti-bullying Programme at a Preventive Education Conference in Belfast

5th October 2015: A group from the Czech Republic, Basotho and from Lesotho visited the Centre for a week’s training.

15th September 2015: Judy spoke at the Welsh Government Anti-bullying leadership group about KiVa.

10th September 2015: Margiad and Dawn attended ‘RCTs in Social Sciences’ 10th Annual Conference in York.

10th September 2015: Judy spoke about the introduction of KiVa into the UK at the National School Improvement Conference at the QE2 Centre London.

1st – 3rd September 2015: Judy and Dr. Sue Evans attended the annual IY mentor meeting in Seattle. Judy present data from some of the Welsh trials and Sue presented the Powys IY Baby outcomes.

20th/21st August 2015: Judy spoke at an International KiVa conference in Turku University, Finland.

17th April - 3rd July 2015: The first IY Autism Spectrum & Language Delays programme takes place in Bangor.

20th/24th April 2015: The fourth and last group of twenty Czech early years practitioners visit the Centre.

March 2015: Judy and Margiad go to South Africa to work on the no-cost Sinovuyo parenting programme. For further information go to

5th March 2015: Annual Anne Marie Jones Memorial lecture. For presentation et.c go to

5th March 2015: Annual conference in Bangor. For presentations etc. go to

8th -12th February 2015: Judy attends the Promoting Children's Social and Emotional Competence meeting in Prague.

5th February 2015: Judy and Suzy talk about the KiVa Anti-bullying programme to Cheshire schools.

29/30th January 2015: Judy attends the WHO Parenting for Lifelong Health group meeting in Oxford.

24th January 2015: Judy presents at the Slovenia Mental Health conference.

20th- 23rd January 2015: Judy delivers an Incredible Years® Parent training in Slovenia.

15th January 2015: Judy and Suzy present at the National Autism Conference in London.


10th/14th November 2014: The first of our four groups of twenty Czech early years practitioners visit the Centre.

5th/6th November 2014: Judy delivered a managers’ workshop and some local supervision in Belfast.

22nd October 2014: Judy delivered a CEBEI mini-conference in Cardiff.

15th October 2014: Suzy and Elin attended the Children in Wales Preventing Bullying Behaviour Jigsaw Workshops (A Suite of Networking Events that Promotes a Shared Understanding of Bullying and Preventing Bullying Practices) in Porthcawl.

14th /17th October 2014: Judy visited Pargue to meet with the Czech teachers and plan for the visits by Czech early years teachers to Wales.

10th October 2014: Judy spoke about the KiVa Anti-bullying programme at the Institute for Effective Education Seminar series at York University.

9th/10th September 2014: Judy delivered a day of supervision and two half day joined up workshops in Dumbarton coordinated by the local Educational Psychology service.

3rd/5th September 2014: Judy, Bridget and Sue attend the annual IY Mentor meeting in Italy.

20th August 2014: Judy spoke at the Scottish Government funded Parenting Conference in Edinburgh on dissemination of parenting programmes in Wales.

21st/23rd July 2014: Judy attended a two-day meeting of the Technical working group on parent skills training for management of developmental disorders in Geneva. The meeting was coordinated by the WHO Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse.

1st July 2014: Elin attended the Children in Wales Preventing Bullying Behaviour Jigsaw Workshops (A Suite of Networking Events that Promotes a Shared Understanding of Bullying and Preventing Bullying Practices) in Carmarthen.

14th & 15th June 2014: Judy attended the World Association for Infant Mental Health conference in Edinburgh at which Dr Catrin Hedd Jones presented the results from the Welsh IY Baby programme trial.

10th June 2014: Elin attended the Children in Wales Preventing Bullying Behaviour Jigsaw Workshops (A Suite of Networking Events that Promotes a Shared Understanding of Bullying and Preventing Bullying Practices)in Rogerstone, Newport.

4th& 5th June 2014: Judy delivered a new Joined Up Service provision training in Cardiff for parenting workers funded by the Welsh Government.

8th May 2014: Judy, Margiad and Jo Charles attended a meeting in Oxford of all of the partners in the NIHR funded secondary analysis grant project to pool data from fourteen Incredible Years® parenting trials across Europe.

10th April 2014: CEBEI Annual conference held in Bangor. Programme and presentations

18th March 2014: Professor Kate Pickett of York University delivered the Anne Marie Jones Memorial Lecture- Inequality: The enemy between us: the Anne Marie Jones Memorial Lecture.Presentation

12th February 2014: Judy attended the Cross Party Autism Group meeting at the Welsh Government to talk about the KiVa Bullying Prevention programme.

February - April 2014: Professor Maria Joao Seabra from the University of Coimbra, Portugal, spent a three month sabbatical with us in Bangor.

12th/18th January 2014: Judy, Suzy and Sue attended KiVa Anti-bullying Programme trainer training at Turku University, Finland.

December 2013: Judy was external examiner for PhD in Portugal

27th/29th November 2013: Judy attended the WHO meeting, Oxford, two days were meetings of the Parenting sub-group of the Violence Prevention Alliance and one day was spent reviewing the Sinovuyo programme that has been delivered in Khyelitsa, Cape Town.

15th November 2013: Judy ran two workshops at All Wales Healthy Schools conference, (one on KiVa and one on IY), Vale of Glamorgan.

4th November 2013: Judy presented a seminar on working with parenting at Ububele that works in Alexandra Township, Johannesburg, one of the poorest urban areas in South Africa. It has an estimated 20,000 informal dwellings or "shacks". Ububele is a mental health training institute focusing on preventative strategies for children under the age of seven, their parents and other caregivers.

25th October 2013: Judy gave supervision in Khyelitsa, Cape Town to parent group leaders delivering the Sinovuyo programme.

22nd October 2013: Judy attended a meeting in George, South Africa to discuss taking parenting programmes to scale in South Africa as well as a whole community awareness raising parenting project for the Tousranton Community with Cathy Ward, Cape Town University, Lucie Cluver and Jamie Lachman, Oxford University and Chandra Gould of the South African Institute of Security Studies.

 3rd October 2013: Judy spoke at Litherland, Lancashire Conference "We are two" and presented the toddler programme.

24th/25th September 2013: Judy delivered two days of workshops in Dumbarton Scotland, one supervision day for parent group leaders and one day on the TCM programme for education staff.

18th September 2013: Judy spoke in Cardiff on Joined Up Service Provision at the Children in Wales Conference.

9th /13th September 2013: Judy and Dr Sue Evans, Honorary Lecturer, went to Victoria, Canada for the annual Incredible Years Mentor meeting and presented on the Birmingham Brighter Futures trial outcomes and the Welsh Teacher Classroom Management RCT. 

18th & 19th June 2013: Judy delivered her first KiVa training to schools that are in the BIG Lottery research programme.

10th & 11th June 2013: Judy spoke at the National Academy of Parenting Research about the IY and Waterloo parent programmes to the Child IAPT parenting group that are being trained in the IY and Forehand and McMahon parenting programmes, and on the 12th June at Reading University to their IAPT parenting group students.

7th June 2013: Judy presented a paper on “The Incredible Years Parent programmes and other developments in Wales” at the Slovenian Society for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry multidisciplinary conference on Anger, Aggression and Mental Disorders in Children and Adolescents held at Kranjska Gora, Slovenia.

26th April 2013: Helen spoke about early stimulation and her current trial in health centres in Jamaica, Antigua and St Lucia at our first Anne Marie memorial lunch. Anne Marie was the founding chair of CEIT.

15th April 2013: Judy attended the launch by the Prime Minister of the new, independent Early Intervention Foundation at No. 10 Downing Street. The Foundation, the brain child of Graham Allen, aims to give babies, children and young people a great start, and to cut the massive costs of dysfunction for taxpayers. It received £3m of government funding over three years to deliver advice and evidence on -Assessment, Advice and Advocacy of Early Intervention. The Foundation has received the backing of both Nick Clegg and Ed Miliband - an almost unique show of cross-party support.

6th April 2013: Judy spoke on Establishing and researching the Incredible Years Parent programme in Wales at an International SymposiumCaring for children and families: Initiatives to promote mental health in times of crisis” held at the Agia Sofia Children’s Hospital, University of Athens.

March 2013: Judy talks at The Association for Child and Adult Mental Health (ACAMH) Conference, London

Making Parenting Work for Children’s Mental Health

Getting Research Findings into Clinical Practice – The Challenges and Pitfalls

March 2013: Professor Christina Salmivalli visits Bangor and Cardiff to talk to those interested in the KiVa Anti-bullying Programme research funded by the BIG Lottery Innovation fund.

November 2012: Dr Catherine Ward of Cape Town University visited the Centre for a week.  During her visit she spoke at the School of Psychology Behaviour Change Colloquium on her work with a sample of women at high risk for child maltreatment (because of their own histories of intimate partner violence or family of origin child maltreatment or both) (Presentation).  She also presented a talk to the Centre’s staff about public health approaches to implementing parenting programmes in low and middle income countries (Presentation).

May 2012: Training in the KiVa Anti-bullying Programme by Proessor Christina Salmivalli and Virpi Pöyhönen.

November 2011: Presentation on the KiVa Anti-bullying Programme by Proessor Christina Salmivalli.

June 2011: Judy is awarded an OBE, for services to children and fmilies, in the Queen's Birthday Honours list.

November 2010: A larger group of visitors from Denmark also spent a week here with a similar schedule to September Finnish group, however they were also fortunate enough to have their visit coincide with one from Huw Maguire – WAG’s Family Support Team Manager.

We held a knowledge exchange day whereby the IY team presented their research, the Danish visitors presented their research and thoughts regarding service delivery, and Huw presented the Government’s latest Strategy called “Families First”.

September 2010: We again received overseas visitors to the Centre – a group of visitors from Finland spent a week with us to learn about the Incredible Years® programmes and implementation issues, and as part of their study tour visited local schools and Centres who were delivering the programmes.

June 2010: Judy receives the Institute for Welsh Affairs Inspire Wales Educator Award.

March 2010: The Welsh Country Magazine on the 17th March 2010 published an article about the work of the Incredible Years Centre in Wales.

Welsh Assembly Government Minister: Huw Lewis, Deputy Minister for Children, National Assembly for Wales visited the Centre in May 2010 to discuss the WAG child poverty strategy and to invite the Centre to submit comments. The strategy is out for consultation until mid August 2010.

Norway: In January, 2010 two delegates from Norway visited the Centre and attended a Consultation day.

Finland: Twelve delegates from Finland, organised by Mette Kontio, visited the Centre in Summer 2010. The group included two managers and ten therapists. The delegates attended Toddler, School Age and Advance programme add-on training days and also attended a Consultation day.

Michigan State University:  John S. Carlson, PhD, Associate Professor and Director of Clinical Training, School Psychology Program, Department of Counseling, Educational Psychology, and Special Education, College of Education, Michigan State University, visited the School of Psychology and the Incredible Years Wales Centre in October, 2010 as a part of a one semester sabbatical from MSU. Dr. Carlson gave a presentation on; Interdisciplinary leadership training in the transportability of evidence-based interventions to diverse populations: Addressing behavioral problems in early childhood.

Also several doctoral students on the training grant and one of  Dr. Carlson's Co-PIs, Dr. Evelyn Oka also joined him at Bangor University for eight days to examine issues of global dissemination, implementation, and research being done on the Incredible Years. The Incredible Years Centre held a mini conference for the PhD students both from MSU and Bangor to present their research topics.

Other world-wide links in 2009: During 2009 we have also welcomed people from Denmark, Sweden, The Philipines, Yeamen and New Zealand as well as Ireland and the home countries to our training courses.

Jamaica 2008: Judy is following up on the visit by Helen Henningham, originally from North Wales but now living in Jamaica, (see 2008 Newsletter) with a visit to see how the Teacher programme is being received there. Congratulations to Helen who was awarded her Welcome Fellowship, and subsequently spent three months working with us.

Incredible Years in Finland: January 2007 saw a visitor from Finland, Mikko Kampman, from the Research Centre, Tampere. Having undertaken Parent leader training in October with Judy in Helsinki, he came to train as a Teacher programme leader. During his visit he also met with Rhiain Gwyn and with the IY research team. There is growing interest in Finland who are hosting Judy for further training and consultation in May, again in Helsinki.

Developing links with Australia: January 2007 saw the arrival of two CAMHS staff from Flinders, Adelaide, South Australia, Andy Lawrence, Consultant Nurse Specialist and Dorothy Abbott, Education Liaison Officer. Having been trained in Adelaide by Judy last May to run the parent programme, they came to Bangor to visit services and to take part in the ADVANCED parenting and the Therapeutic Small Group Dino training. Thanks to all who have welcomed them into their services.

Andy and Dorothy are being followed by Jenny Makros and a colleague from Victoria, Australia, who will be with us in early June to see services. So, with the visit by Anwen Williams from Perth earlier last year things are really moving down under. Anwen has funds to develop and research the parent programme with aboriginal families in Western Australia

Manchester Education Service: In December 2006 we were visited by Jenny Andrew the Assistant Chief Education Officer for Manchester along with Educational Psychologist Maria Heffernan who was trained by Judy to deliver the Teacher Classroom Management programme. During their visit they got a chance to talk with Rhiain Gwyn, the seconded headmistress that undertakes most of the IY Teacher Classroom Management and Dino School training in Gwynedd (see newsletter) and enjoyed a visit to Ysgol Abercaseg, Bethesda, to see Classroom Dino in action.

Judy receives award: In 2004 Judy was voted as Welsh Woman Educator of the year.