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Programmes and training

We advocate the use of evidence-based approaches in all services and are establishing what is required to support staff to get good outcomes. We mainly deliver training to professionals who work with parents, teachers and/or children.

The Incredible Years® series of programmes are a suite of programmes for parents, teachers and children created by Carolyn Webster-Stratton in the USA. The centre delivers group leader training along with supervision and mentoring for group leaders and teachers delivering the programmes. The Incredible Years® series has a strong evidence base demonstrating its effectiveness in delivering effective and sustained change in parent, teacher and child behaviour.

The KiVa school based Anti-bullying programme for schools, delivered by teachers both prevents bullying and tackles bullying incidents effectively. The programme has been developed by the University of Turku, Finland and is used in 90% of comprehensive schools in Finland. There is growing evidence of its effectiveness both in the UK and Finland. The programme is currently available for Key Stage 2 pupils and covers approximately 50% of the English and Welsh PSE curricula. CEIT is the only licenced training organisation for the KiVa programme in the UK. Visit the KiVa International web page here: - (Training for Schools - 21st & 22nd April 2020, training for Trainers 21st -23rd April 2020).

The Enhancing Parenting Skills (EPaS)© Programme is a one-to-one therapist delivered intervention for parents of children aged 2 – 9 who are presenting with behavioural challenges that may or may not be linked to other developmental difficulties. (none planned at this time)


Training in evidence-based programmes for primary schools to promote children’s engagement.


Over the last 15 years our Centre has been researching and training people in a range of evidence-based programmes for schools that contribute to children’s wellbeing and personal social development.  The Centre evaluates programmes and then works with our linked charity the Children’s Early Intervention Trust to make training and resources in effective programmes available to schools.


We currently offer:

The Incredible Years® effective Teacher Classroom Management skills training for leaders who will deliver the programme to school staff. (none planned at this time)


Training for teachers in delivering the KS1 Incredible Years® Classroom Dinosaur School curriculum, a three-year social-emotional and problem solving curriculum, delivered twice weekly in 20 minute circle time activities, that cover most of the KS1 PSE curriculum. (none planned at this time)


Training for teachers and other support staff in the IY therapeutic Small Group or individually delivered version of the Dinosaur School social-emotional and problem solving curriculum as a coaching tool for 3 – 8 year old children with behavioural and emotional challenges. (contact or 01248 383758 for further details) (none planned at this time)


Training for schools in the school-based KiVa Anti-bullying programme. This is a whole school and targeted programme for KS2 pupils that covers over 50% of the KS2 PSE curriculum. (contact further details) (Training for Schools - 21st & 22nd April 2020, training for Trainers 21st -23rd April 2020).


All of these programmes are being delivered in Wales and we can put you in touch with schools that are using them.


Please contact the Centre for further details (01248 383 758 or e-mail