Below is a list of research and evaluation projects with which we are or have been involved. 

Current research

PALACES - Parenting for Autism, Language and Communication Evaluation Study

Dr Margiad Williams


Designing and evaluating a web-based parenting intervention based on ‘The Little Parent Handbook’
Dawn Owen

KiVa: Anti-Bullying Programme – BIG Lottery funded study 
Suzy Clarkson

Evaluating an Online Training Programme to Promote Positive Child Behaviour for School-based Support Staff

Anwen Rhys Jones


NIHR Secondary reanalysis grant
Dr Margiad Williams

Parenting programme research – South Africa with Oxford and Cape Town Universities
Professor Judy Hutchings

The EPaS 2014 programme  
Dr Margiad Williams

Evaluating training for foster carers in Wales

Sue Layland



Previous research

Development of a Test of Child Scial Problem Solving - Jess Bibby


Archways - The evaluation of the Incredible Years Programme in Ireland  - Dr Tracey Bywater

Birmingham Brighter Futures - The evaluation of three interventions, IY, Triple-P, and PATHS in Birmingham - Dr Tracey Bywater

British Council - A comparative study in Portugal - Professor Judy Hutchings and Dr Tracey Bywater

Bro Lleu Small Group Dina Pilot Study - Professor Judy Hutchings and Dr Tracey Bywater

Cochrane Review - Behavioural group-based parent training interventions for children aged 3-8 with early onset conduct problems - Dr Tracey Bywater

Comparing the Qualitative Ratings of Live & Taped Mother-Child Interactions - Dr Nicole Gridley

Effectiveness of Incredible Years BASIC Parenting Programme with Children at risk of developing ADHD - Dr Karen Jones

Evaluating the Incredible Years Baby Parenting Programme - Dr Catrin H. Jones

Evaluating The Gwynedd Council Gyda'n Gilydd Services - Karen Wyn Jones


On-line Education - Parenting Skills - Sue Layland

Evaluating the Incredible Years School Readiness Programme - Dr Kirstie Pye

Evaluating the Incredible Years Toddler Parenting Programme across Wales - Dr Nia Griffith

Evaluating the Incredible Years Small Group Dina programme in Gwynedd and Anglesey schools - Professor Judy Hutchings and Margiad Williams

Evaluating treatment fidelity of the Incredible Years BASIC Parenting Programme - Dr Catrin Eames

Initial validation of the Schedule of Growing Skills (SGS)  - Margiad Williams

KiVa: Anti-Bullying Programme – a pilot study - Suzy Clarkson

KiVa Anti-bullying Pilot Study Follow-up - Lisa Pritchard

Looking into Looked After Children (LiLAC) - Supporting foster carers with the Incredible Years Parent Programme. - Dr Tracey Bywater

New Forest and Incredible Years Trial - Professor Judy Hutchings

Pathfinders Research - Evaluating the roll out of three evidence-based programmes in England -Incredible Years, Triple-P and Strengthening Families. - Professor Judy Hutchings and Dr Tracey Bywater

Small-scale evaluation of the Incredible Years BASIC Parenting Programme with nursery and crèche staff. - Dr Tracey Bywater and Dr Karen Jones


The Incredible Years Teacher Classroom Management Programme research in Gwynedd - Dr Pam Martin- Forbes

Using the Incredible Years Parent-Toddler Programme to Enhance Parental Language - Dr Nicole Gridley

The Waterloo Foundation grant

The Welsh Sure Start Study and Follow-up - Professor Judy Hutchings and Dr Tracey Bywater