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CEBEI researches existing programmes to help establish an evidence base for successful outcomes and develops and evaluates new programmes to help with a range of childhood social and behavioural difficulties.

We conduct trials of existing programmes with an evidence base demonstrating success such as:

  • The Incredible Years® Parent, Child and Teacher programmes. These have been successfully evaluated and their use established in Wales with the support of the Welsh Assembly Government.
  • The Incredible Years®Autism Spectrum and Language Delay programme- we were successful in gaining funding from Autistica to research this new programme. Information.
  • The KiVa school-based anti-bullying programme. This has been successfully established in Finland, and was initially introduced in Wales in 2012 with Welsh Government School improvement grants. It is currently being evaluated in schools in both England and Wales.

We develop new resources to help trainers and parents with children demonstrating behavioural challenges and current and past projects can be viewed in the research projects section. These include:

  • An individually delivered one-to-one parent support package known as the Enhancing Parenting Skills (EPaS) 2014 programme.
  • An online parenting programme for parents of children aged 3-8 years based on The Little Parent handbook.
  • A web based parenting intervention based on part of the Little Parent handbook and adapted for foster carers.

The Centre has produced a large number of research reports and published articles in both academic and professional journals, which can be found on our publications page.