Suzy Clarkson

PhD student

Tel: 01248 383156

Suzy Clarkson graduated from Bangor University in 2012, with a 1st class BSc honours degree in Psychology. She has five children and is passionate about, and committed to, promoting and enhancing children's social and emotional well-being. During the summer of 2012, Suzy worked at CEBEI researching and producing a literature review for Gwynedd County Council examining the effectiveness and evidence-base of family/parenting programmes for parents of adolescents with behavioural and emotional problems. Suzy has recently completed an MScRes evaluating the Welsh pilot of the KiVa Anti-Bullying programme and is now working as a Research Project Support Officer for the KiVa RCT at CEBEI, alongside studying for a PhD under the supervision of Professor Judy Hutchings and Dr Zoe Hoare.

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