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Please find below individual staff contacts and those of our research students.

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General Contacts

School of Psychology Reception (Brigantia Building)

Tel: +44 (0)1248 38 2211

Admissions Enquiries

If you are a prospective student and have any questions about your application, our open days or our courses then please contact Bethan or one of the team on:

Tel: +44 (0)1248 38 8453


Twitter: @PsychBangor

Administrative Enquiries


If you are a current or past student and want to talk to student administration (eg about timetabling, mitigating circumstances, exams) then please contact Student Administration Support in the Wheldon building as follows:

Undergraduate - Elizabeth Williams 01248 383817

Postgraduate - Cerys Gadd 01248 388731

Transcript Requests

Requests for transcripts can be made by downloading the Transcript Request form in either [PDF] or [MS Word] format. Click here for more information.

Key Contacts

To help you find the right person more quickly, see our list of key contacts below.

Staff lists

Teaching and Scholarship

Name Email Position Phone
Beverley, Mike Senior Lecturer 382467
Bowman, Caroline Senior Lecturer, Deputy Head of School (Teaching) 383769
Coetzer, Rudi Senior Lecturer 388289
Davies, Julie Lecturer 388858
Erjavec, Mihela Senior Lecturer 383107
Garrad-Cole, Fran Senior Lecturer, Deputy Head of School (Impact) 388714
Gilder, Thandiwe Lecturer 388052
Griffith, Nia Lecturer 382543
Harvey, Gareth Lecturer 382039
Hogan, Lee Lecturer in Clinical Psychology 388276
Hosier, Steve Lecturer 388450
Hughes, Carl Professor 383278
Lee, Katy Lecturer 38
Lloyd, Tracey Senior Lecturer 382944
Morgan, Helen Lecturer 382638
Roberts, Judith Lecturer 388563
Sharp, Rebecca Seinor Lecturer 382484
Short, Fay Reader 388287
Toogood, Sandy Senior Lecturer in Applied Behaviour Analysis 388800
Viktor, Simon Lecturer & International Tutor 388854
Vaughan-Evans, Awel Welsh Medium Lecturer 388058
Walker Jones, Elin Lecturer

Honorary staff

Name Role
Addy, Karen Honorary Lecturer
Anderson, Daniel Honorary Senior Lecturer
Bywater, Tracey Honorary Senior Research Fellow
Catania, Charles Honorary Research Fellow
Clarke, Susan Honorary Senior Lecturer
Corney, Richard Honorary Lecturer
Davies, Rhys Honorary Senior Lecturer
Dowey, Alan Honorary Lecturer
Duncan, John Honorary Professor
Dunkley, Christine Honorary Lecturer
Eames, Catrin Honorary Lecturer
Edelman, Shimon Honorary Professor
Edwards, Mair Honorary Lecturer
Ellis, Nick Honorary Research Fellow
Essletzbichler, Amy Honorary Lecturer
Evans, Sue Honorary Lecturer
Fadardi, Javad Honorary Research Fellow
Fox, Emily Honorary Lecturer
Grindle, Corinna Honorary Lecturer
Hammond-Rowley, Sara Honorary Research Fellow
Handley, Christine Honorary Lecturer
Hargreaves, Isabel Honorary Professor
Hashenpour, Faramarz Honorary Lecturer
Hastings, Stephanie Honorary Lecturer
Healy, Helen Honorary Lecturer
Heard, Heidi Honorary Lecturer
Henderson, Dawn Honorary Lecturer
Higson, Peter Honorary Senior Lecturer
Hindle, John Honorary Senior Lecturer
Hinds, Carolyn Honorary Lecturer
Hogan, Lee Honorary Lecturer
Hope, Vanessa Honorary Lecturer
Howells, Cathrine Honorary Lecturer
Jackson, Mike Honorary Senior Lecturer
Jones, David Honorary Professor
Jones, Robert Honorary Professor
Lamers, Carolien Honorary Lecturer
Lea, James Honorary Lecturer
Lindsay, William R Honorary Professor
Lynch, Thomas R Honorary Senior Lecturer
Lyng, Jim Honorary Lecturer
Martin-Forbes, Pamela Honorary Research Fellow
Nicolson, Rod Honorary Research Fellow
Noone, Stephen Honorary Lecturer
Parke, Jonathan Senior Honorary Lecturer
Petalas, Michael Honorary Lecturer
Pulvermuller, Friedemann Honorary Professor
Radford, Sholto Robert Honorary Research Officer
Rafal, Bob Emeritus Professor
Rickard, Renee Honorary Lecturer
Roberts, Rossela Honorary Lecturer
Robertson, Ian Honorary Professor
Ross, Gillian Anne Honorary Lecturer
Saville, Maria Honorary Research Officer
Segal, Zindel Honorary Research Fellow
Snowden, David Honorary Professor
Vaughan, Frances Honorary Senior Lecturer
Watkins, Richard Honorary Research Officer
Watts, Jan Honorary Lecturer
Williams, Bethan Mair Honorary Research Officer
Williams, Mark Honorary Professor
Williams, Rebecca Honorary Lecturer
Wilsher, Colin Honorary Lecturer
Woods, Peter Honorary Lecturer

Research and Teaching

Name Email Position Phone
Bestelmeyer, Patricia Senior Lecturer 383488
Binney, Richard Lecturer 383478
Boehm, Stephan Lecturer 388241
Bracewell, Martyn Senior Lecturer 382628
Caravolas, Marketa Reader 388334
Carey, David Reader 388700
Cox, Miles Professor of the Psychology of Addictive Behaviours 383774
Cross, Emily Professor 383274
d’Avossa, Giovanni Lecturer 388801
Dorjee, Dusana Lecturer 383858
Downing, Paul Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience 382159
Griffith, Gemma Lecturer - Mindfulness PG Lead 388067
Henningham, Helen Reader 383289
Horne, Pauline Professor 382212
Houghton, George Reader 382692
Hutchings, Judy Professor of Clinical Psychology 383625
Jones, Manon Senior Lecturer 382319
Koldewyn, Kami Lecturer 388581
Kornysheva, Katja Lecturer 388214
Leek, Charles Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience 382948
Mari-Beffa, Paloma Senior Lecturer 383816
Mills, Debbie Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience 388572
Morrison, Valerie Professor 382485
Mullins, Paul Reader 383631
Oppenheim, Gary Lecturer 388838
Parkinson, John Head of School / Professor 388340
Ramsey, Richard Reader 388554
Rogers, Robert Professor / Deputy Head of School for Research 382095
Sapir, Ayelet Lecturer 388734
Tainturier, Marie-Josephe Senior Lecturer 382714
Thierry, Guillaume Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience 388348
Turnbull, Oliver Professor / Pro Vice-Chancellor (Teaching & Learning) 383670
Valyear, Kenneth Lecturer 382623
Watt, Simon Senior Lecturer 388252
Ward, Rob Professor 383601

Clinical/ Teaching/ Practitioners

Name Email Position Phone
Blincoe, Christine    
Crane, Rebecca Centre Director, CMRP 382627
Hastings, Stephanie Lecturer  
Robert Jones Professor, Programme Director, North Wales Clinical Psychology Programme 382204
Saville, Christopher

Lecturer and Research Tutor, North Wales Clinical Psychology Programme

Swales, Michaela Reader in Clinical Psychology 382552
Wimpory, Dawn Lecturer/Practitioner in Clinical Psychology 382514

Administrative Support

Name Role Email Phone
Hefin Francis School Manager +44 (0) 1248 388339
Katie Jones PA to School Executive +44 (0) 1248 382262
Bethan Mair Pentith Administrative Assistant & Marketing +44 (0) 1248 388453
Everil McQuarrie Student Administration Hub - Psychology PhD Student Admissions
+44 (0) 1248 383671
Richard Wigzell Deputy School Manager – Marketing, Student Recruitment and Admissions +44 (0) 1248 383294

Research & Impact Support

Name Email Phone
Barbara Baragwanath +44 (0) 1248 388182
Susan Clarkson

Lina Davitt +44 (0) 1248 388737
Neil Dundon  
Andrew Fischer +44 (0) 1248 388709
Shem ap Geraint +44 (0) 1248 383479
Felix Hekele  
Becca Henderson +44 (0) 1248 383885
Stacey Hunter  
Catherine Lawrence
Bradley Daniel Nicholas +44 (0) 1248 382987
Dawn Owen  
Ruth Pearson  
Anna Powell  
Mark Vincent Roberts +44 (0) 1248 382626
Karolina Rusiak


Margiad Elen Williams

Research Technical Support

Name Role Email Phone
Steve Houlston Audio/Visual Research and Teaching Technician +44 (0) 1248 383891
David McKiernan Research Lab Technician +44 (0) 1248 388811
Llewelyn Morris Research Lab Technician +44 (0) 1248 388208
Elfyn Roberts Research Lab Technician +44 (0) 1248 388216

Research Students


Email address


2nd Supervisor

Amy Gaglia 

Michaela Swales

Professor Robert Jones

Anna Henschel

Professor Emily Cross

Dr Kami Koldewyn

Basma Kilani

Dr Michaela Swales

Dr Mike Jackson

Myrto Mantziara,

Dr Katja Kornysheva

Dr Paul Mullins

Laurie Elizabeth

Professor Guillaume Thierry,

Dr Manon Jones

 Rachel Louise Newey

Dr Richard Ramsey

Dr Kami Koldewyn

Kydee Owen

Professor Carl Hughes


Michela Paroli,

Dr Simon Watt and
Dr Ken Valyear


Leanne Rowlands

Professor Oliver Turnbull

Dr Rudi Coetzer

Sarah Roberts

Carl Hughes




Andrew Wildman,



Dr Richard Ramsey



Professor Paul  Downing

Helen Wilson

Dr Marketa Caravolas

Professor Charles Leek


Photo Profile page Email


Mamdouh Fahd N Alenazi

Catherine Atherton


Evangelia Balatsou


Jessica  Bibby

Darren Lee Bowring

Susan Clarkson


Kohinoor Darda


Timothy James Davies

Shelby DeMeulenaere

Cameron Downing


Ciara Egan


Gwennant Mai Evans


Aoife Fitzpatrick

  Denise Foran


Marco Gandolfo

Maria Lucia Gomez Alvarado


Stephanie Hastings


Felix Hekele


Fflur Huws


Kate Isherwood


Ashleigh Johnstone


Emma Karlsson


Inga Korolczuk


Susan Claire Layland

Katy Lee

Yang Li


Zoe Lucock

James Lyng


Mariel Ines Marcano-Olivier

Syeda Fardina Mehrin

Constanze Muhl

Philip Nelson


Elena Neofytou


Rachel Louise Newey


Thy Thi Uyen Nguyen

Brianne Nichols


Kaydee Owen


David Parry

Joshua Payne

Hannah Paula Philpott

Hannah Rettie

Amanda Shanks

Polly Shingler

Leanne Kate Simpson

Ciaran Matthew Smith

Pauliina Sorvisto

Luke Squires

Laura-Jean Gresham Stokes


Pierre-Arthur Suray

Jon Walbrin
Arwel Tomos Williams


Elin Harding Williams


Rhiannon Amy Willmot