Bangor Bursaries


If you are a registered UK student on a full-time undergraduate course, liable to pay the £9,000 tuition fee and your taxable household income is below £40,000 you may be entitled to the Bangor Bursary. Students from Wales who started their studies during or after September 2018 are not eligible. 

UK students do not need to complete any additional forms.

Your entitlement will be determined by your taxable household income (i.e. parent(s) or partner), confirmation of which we will get from your student funding organisation.
Household income is below £25,000 = bursary of £1,000
Household income is between £25,000 - £40,000 = bursary of £500


We assess bursaries awards from middle of February until the end of July every year. Entitlement letters are sent out by post usually to a student's home address.

Bursary awards are paid into a student's bank account in one lump sum from the 1st March (the same bank account into which your student finance is paid).

Yes, as long as you meet the eligibility criteria.

There are several reasons why your bursary has not been assessed/approved/paid, please the check the following:

  1. You have an outstanding  university debt - tuition fees, accommodation, library or disciplinary fines
  2. You and or your parent(s) may not have given your Student Funding organisation consent to share information with the University.  Thankfully this can be easily changed by calling your funding organisation and giving your consent.
  3. Poor attendance / engagement with your studies. You can check your attendance / engagement via your My Bangor account.

If having checked all of the above, and are still not sure, contact the Money Support Unit:

Tel:  01248 38 3566 / 38 3636

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