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Payment Methods for Postgraduate Students

Home/EU students only

All tuition fees and hall fees are payable in full prior to completing the registration process, unless you elect to pay your fees by our payment plan relevant to your student status to spread the cost evenly throughout the year.

You may pay by either of the following methods:

Payment Plan

Your payment plan will take payment by recurring debit/credit card.

To set up your payment plan you must complete the instruction via the online registration process.  You will be informed when the online registration is open.

We will ask you to provide an email address when setting up the plan and notification of the payment will be sent to this email 5 days prior to each payment date.

Lump Sum Payments

If you prefer to pay your tuition and hall fees in one lump sum you may also do so when you arrive in Bangor.  Please see for details of the enrolment and registration arrangements for your course.  Payment can be made by cash, credit/debit card or a sterling cheque/draft drawn on a UK Clearing Bank and made payable to Bangor University.

In the event that a cheque or bankers draft is not drawn on a UK Clearing Bank this could create very significant delays before the University is able to either confirm receipt of payment or process any refunds that may subsequently become due.

International Students (non EU) only

Click here for details of our International Student payment plans.

Please note that failure to pay your fees may result in the termination of your registration.

If you anticipate any difficulty paying your fees you should contact the Finance Office as soon as possible. The University will levy a penalty charge for a late payment but we are keen to ensure that you avoid such charges and in order to help you the University has a specialist adviser in the Money Support Unit (01248 383637).

For further information visit the Finance Office between 10.00-12.30 and 1.30-4.00 Monday to Friday or by telephone on 01248 382049 or 01248 383801 between the same hours. You can also contact the Finance Office by emailing   or visit the Finance Office web site.