Payment Methods

Postgraduate students - Payment of Fees

As a student at Bangor University you will have an account set up in your name on our student records system. Any tuition or accommodation related fees will be charged to this account and any payments which you make will be credited to your account.

All tuition fees and accommodation fees are payable in full at registration, unless you elect to pay your fees by an instalment plan relevant to your student status.

Lump sum payments

If you prefer to pay your tuition and accommodation fees in one lump sum you may do so at registration. Payment can be made by cash, credit/debit card or a cheque drawn on a UK Clearing Bank and made payable to Bangor University (see Note below for cheques/drafts not drawn on a UK Clearing Bank).

Postgraduate payment plans

Payment by recurring credit/debit card authority

It is possible to arrange to pay monthly instalments on the 11th each month by recurring credit/debit card authority. A form is enclosed for you to complete and return with your registration form if you wish to use the facility.

The instalment plan will collect equal instalments where possible and will be limited to the period of registration (or less if necessary). It is not possible to make monthly payments of less than £50.00 except for the final instalment.

Unless paper advice is requested from the Finance Office, at least 10 days prior to each payment date you will be sent an electronic notification to your University email address directing you to a secure website which will allow you to see details of your account and advising you of the date and amount that will be taken by credit/debit card for that instalment.

If any other person is paying fees on your behalf, you will continue to receive an electronic notice of the instalments because it is your account. At least 10 days prior to the payment date the person who is paying fees on your behalf will also receive a letter advising them of the date and amount to be taken by debit/credit card.

Other options

The instalment plans offered to undergraduates are also available to postgraduates but you must contact the Finance Office for the appropriate form if you choose to use one of them.

International Students payment plans

Click here for details of our International Students payment plans.

Financial Hardship

Please note that failure to pay your fees may result in the termination of your registration . If you anticipate any difficulty paying your fees you should contact the Finance Office as soon as possible. The University will levy a penalty charge of £30.00 for a late payment but we are keen to ensure that you avoid such charges and in order to help you the University has a specialist money advisors in the Students Services centre (01248 383637).

For further information, visit the Finance Office between 10am and 4pm Monday to Friday. Telephone either 01248 383801 or 01248 382049 between 9.00am and 5pm Monday to Friday, or email or visit the finance Office web site