Bangor Alumni

Over the years, Bangor University has produced some very notable Alumni, including Oscar winning Director, Danny Boyle, who graduated with a degree in English and Drama. Bangor also counts Nobel Prize winner Sir Robert Edwards amongst its graduates. The late Sir Robert Geoffrey Edwards, CBE, FRS was awarded the 2010 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for the development of in vitro fertilization. He graduated from Bangor University in 1951 with a degree in Biology. /p>

Alumni Profiles

A selection of written Alumni profiles can be read here.

Alumni Videos

Danny Boyle, Film Director

Danny Boyle graduated in English and Drama at Bangor University. Listen to Danny Boyle’s interview on Radio Wales Good Evening Wales programme discussing his time at Bangor University.

Tim Haines, Producer of ‘Walking with Dinosaurs

Tim Haines graduated in Zoology at Bangor University. Despite having a science degree he has carved a successful career in the media. He tells us how this came about...

Ross Piper, Scientist and BBC Wildlife presenter

Ross Piper graduated in Zoology and Animal Ecology. He recently travelled to Burma with the BBC to document the wildlife for the BBC 2 series Wild Burma: Nature’s Lost Kingdom.

Tamsin Pace, Digital Advertising and Sponsorship Manager- The Economist

Tamsin is a Marine Biology and Oceanography graduate of Bangor University. She explains her career path and offers advice on how to enhance your job prospects.

Imogen German – PhD Student, Teaching Asisstant-Biologial Sciences Deparment

Imogen German is a Bangor University Biology graduate. She is now pursuing a PhD and offers advice to students who are starting to think about their future careers.