Alumni Profiles


Tom Hindle

Image of Tom Hindle Author

"I’d often tinker with the script in my room on Ffriddoedd Site"

 From Main Arts to Penguin Random House: How Bangor made Tom Hindle (English, 2014) an author.

Professor John Porter

Alumni Profile John Porter

"Bangor changed my life and put it onto a path that meant I was paid for working on my hobby"

Alumnus and Bangor University Honorary Fellow Professor Dr John Porter (Agricultural Botany, 1976 and Plant Biology PhD, 1981) has had a successful career as a scientist in crop ecology and physiology, biological modelling and agricultural ecology.

Pete Atkinson

Pete Atkinson

“I learned to dive in winter, in a home-made wetsuit..."

From Bangor to Phuket, Pete Atkinson's (Zoology with Marine Zoology, 1978) photographic career has taken him around the world.

Gareth Newman

Image of Gareth Newman
Credit:© Benjamin Ealovega

"Bangor University played a significant part in shaping my future career, many years before I became a student there."

Alumnus Gareth Newman (Music, 1997) has gone on from Bangor to become one of the leading bassoon virtuosos in the UK.

Jamie Smith

Jamie Smith cropped

“My time at Bangor University gave me such enormous confidence, independence and a belief in my abilities”

A degree in History with Journalism (2006) at Bangor led Jamie Smith to fulfil his lifelong dream of writing and publishing a novel.

Chris Dennis

Profile photo Chris Dennis

"I still look fondly at my times stuyding in the fens of Anglesey and the bogs of Snowdonia"

Bangor provided the perfect environment for Chris Dennis (Applied Terrestrial and Marine Ecology, 2011) to pursue his interest in nature.

Chloe Roberts

Chloe Roberts

“My nursing placement in Pokhara helped me become a better Nurse and helped prepare me for working through the COVID-19 pandemic”

As part of her degree in Nursing, Chloe Roberts (Nursing, 2020) did an overseas placement in Pokhara, Nepal.

Ian Gray

Ian Gray

"Bangor helped me establish a foundation for lifelong learning and learn the need for a keen work ethic"

The University's soccer club played a big part in Ian Gray's (Economics, 1973) student experience at Bangor.

David Scarisbrick

David Scarisbrick

“My first date with my wife Chris was in the cafe at the end of Bangor Pier!”

Studying Agricultural Botany at Bangor started David Scarisbrick's (Agricultural Botany, 1965) career in the field.

Matt Ruglys

Matt Ruglys

“I had dreams of being the next Jacques Cousteau!”

During one of his breaks from the Royal Navy,  Matt Ruglys (Zoology with Marine Zoology, 1978) worked as an underwater wildlife cameraman on programmes such as Blue Planet.

Tony Vickers-Byrne

Tony Vickers-Byrne

"... leaving Bangor and moving to London was the most difficult decision I ever had to make and I still think about my time at university and living in Snowdonia every day."

Forty years after leaving Bangor, Tony Vickers-Byrne (English and Drama 1981 and PGCE 1982)
still feels the strong pull of North Wales.

Peter Curle

Peter Curle

"I guided the team to the wooden spoon in the UW Championship!"

Pete Curle (Chemistry, Biochemistry and Soil Science, 1968) shares his sporting memories as a student.

Peter Montgomery

Alumni Peter Montgomery

"The course made me feel younger than I was at the time, and I relished the challenge"

In his fifties, Peter Montgomery (Sociology with Social Policy, 2002) returned to education to study at Bangor University.

Amelie Edwards

Alumni Amelie Edwards

"I knew Bangor was the place for me and I was not going anywhere else!"

Amelie Edwards' (Medieval and Early Modern History, 2012) time in the Bangor English Dramatic Society as a student led her on the path to writing and acting.

Tim Hill

Alumni Tim Hill

"Bangor had a huge positive influence on my life"

Alumnus Tim Hill (Economics, 1970) has documented the story of his life, covering his fusion of backgrounds, religions, travels in the Americas and life in the Caribbean.

Neville Powell

Neville Powell

"My memories of post-war University life in Bangor."

Neville Powell graduated in 1950.

Read his memories of University life over 70 years ago.

Pippa Joyner

Pippa Joyner

"Bangor opened up so many opportunities to me"

Pippa Joyner (French, 1996) has become a published author with stories inspired by her time in Bangor.

Graeme Patterson

Graeme Patterson

“I am ever grateful to the University and the City for my experience and the knowledge that I use to this day”

Graeme Patterson (Botany with Marine Botany, 1978) shares his memories of student life in the 1970s.

Gaz Thomas

Gaz Williams

"I set up my business in my spare time whilst studying at Bangor"

Gaz Thomas (MEng Electronic Engineering, 2004) took advantage of Bangor University's support to set up his business during his postgraduate studies.

Gillian and John Taylor

Gillian and John Taylor

Couple celebrate their 50th anniversary after meeting in Bangor

Gillian Taylor (nee Kendall) (Pure Maths, 1970) and John Taylor (Pure Maths MSc, 1970 and PhD Cymraeg, 2012)’s son Tim share their story which started in Bangor. 

Sara Rawoot

Sara Rawoot

“My 4 years at Bangor were the best 4 years of my educational life”

Sara Rawoot (Psychology with Neuropsychology, 2019) is closer to fulfilling her dreams after completing her degree at Bangor University.

Ingrid, Nina and Helen

Nina, Helen and Ingrid

Three alumna return to Bangor to mark 35 years since graduating

Ingrid Abrahams (Biblical Studies, 1985), Nina Dhanoa (Biochemistry, 1985) and Helen Charles (History, 1984) tell us about their return to Bangor!

Liz Boakes

Liz Boakes

"Who says Science and the arts don't mix?"

Isle of Man alumna Liz Boakes, (Biochemistry, 1994 & PGCE) tells us of her writing success during lockdown.

Tom Kidger

Tom Kidger

Bangor set the seed for my future career

Tom Kidger (Agroforestry with Business Management, 2003) set up the UK's leading online retailer of real Christmas trees.

Jonathan Doherty

Jonathan Doherty

"Celebrating 40 years since we arrived in Bangor as Freshers in 1979"

Jonathan Doherty (Education with PE, 1982) shares his recent reunion with us.

Jason Owen

Jason Owen

Alumnus plays wheelchair Rugby League for Wales

Jason Owen (Physical Education and Outdoor Education, 1997) gives 100% effort for his country!

Graham Newman

Graham Newman

Graham Newman (Mathematics, 1976)

Graham Newman (Mathematics, 1976) shares his memories of his time at University.

David Walker

David Walker

Reichel, Regattas and Rag Weeks

David Walker graduated from Bangor in 1960 with a BSc (Hons) in Zoology. Here he shares some of his memories of his time as a student.

Geoff Tompkinson

Geoff Tompkinson

“My Life Through The Lens”

For more than 35 years alumnus Geoff Tompkinson has travelled the world as a photographer and time-lapse video producer.

Susie Thompson

Susie Thompson

Bangor Alumna's Psychology Degree takes her to Facebook HQ

You’ll find Bangor graduates working at every major company across the globe. Facebook, the world’s largest social media company, is home to Susie Thompson, a 2004 Psychology graduate who has found her dream job in California.


Frankie Hoboro

Frankie Hoboro

Alumnus of the Year 2019

Frankie Hobro (Marine Environmental Protection MSc, 2002) was named Alumnus of the Year 2019 during the School of Ocean Sciences’ graduation ceremony.

Yingying Liu

Yingying Liu with Professor Andrew Edwards

China Alumnus of the Year 2019

Congratulations to Yingying Liu who has been named as Bangor University’s China Alumnus of the Year 2019. 

Gwilym Rees-Jones

Gwilym Rees-Jones

Alumnus of the Year 2018

In July 2018, Gwilym Rees-Jones (Maths, 1963) was presented with Bangor University's Alumnus of the Year award. The Alumnus of the Year award highlights the achievements of our alumni, acknowledging those who have excelled in their chosen career and remain engaged with their University

Michelle Han

Michelle Han

China Alumnus of the Year 2018

Prof. Andrew Edwards, Dean of the College Arts, Humanities and Business, presented Michelle Han (MBA, 2004) with the China Alumnus of the Year 2018 award at during an alumni reunion in Shanghai.

Ray Footman

Ray Footman

Alumnus of the Year 2017

Ray Footman is Bangor University's Alumnus of the Year 2017. The Alumnus of the Year award recognises the achievements, both professional and personal, of our graduates, especially highlighting those who have chosen to remain engaged with their alma mater and give back, either through service, philanthropy, or both to the University.

Mohamed Al-Mahroos

Mohammed Al-Mahroos

Bangor University / BIBF Alumnus of the Year 2018

Mohamed Al-Mahroos (Banking and Finance, 2012) was named Bangor University / BIBF Alumnus of the Year in September 2018.

Mohamed Hasan

Mohamed Ashoor

Bangor University / BIBF Alumnus of the Year 2017

Mohamed came to Bangor University to complete his BA Hons in Business Studies and Finance in the 2010-2011 academic year and earned an upper second class degree.

Yangjing Wu

Yanjing Wu

China Alumnus of the Year 2017

The University's Main Arts Building

Because of Bangor

Do you feel that you wouldn’t be where you are today without your time at Bangor? Do you have a particular memory of a location or event at the University that has always stayed with you? Did you make friends for life, establish traditions or meet your future partner here?

Read some of our alumni stories on why Bangor University is so special to them and where they are today ‘Because of Bangor’.

Huw Edwards - Honorary Fellow

Honorary Fellows

An Honorary Fellowship is a highly prestigious award which the University bestows to distinguished individuals who have a connection with the University or Wales, and who have made an outstanding contribution to their chosen field. We are especially proud of our alumni Honorary Fellows.

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