Bangor University Digital Ambassador Terms & Conditions

  • Digital Ambassadors will be required to provide at least one piece of shareable content items per week (1 item includes a post Shared to Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/Snapchat or all of them).
  • You must be willing to post and make public any content for this purpose on your own account so that it can be shared by the University.
  • Contributions should be in the Digital Ambassadors usual style, and should not contain any inappropriate content e.g. bad language, illegal activity, rule breaking.
  • Digital Ambassadors should also maintain good standards on their own accounts e.g. no bad language, illegal activity, rule breaking. 
  • All contributions will be approved by the Digital Marketing and/or Communications Teams and may not necessarily be used.
  • Digital Ambassadors must agree to their contributions being used by the University’s Corporate Communications & Marketing department for marketing purposes (e.g. in other Bangor University marketing videos and publications).
  • Contributions may be shared with third parties for marketing purposes; e.g. The Student Room, What Uni.
  • You will receive £10 per post we in recognition of your involvement in the Digital Ambassador Scheme.
  • Digital Ambassadors are selected to participate for a complete semester.
  • You will receive 10xp towards the Bangor Employability Award for each full semester that you are a Digital Ambassador.
  • You may be invited to do a ‘takeover’ of an official Bangor University social media Account for a one-off payment of at least £25.
  • You will need to have a National Insurance number to be able to receive payment.
  • Claims for payment must be sent to the Communications Team by the date specified.

Important Information re Payment:

In order for us to be able to employ you as a Digital Ambassador we must see the following identification beforehand:

  • UK - Passport or NI Number and Birth certificate (original copies)
  • EU Students: Passport or National Identity Card
  • International Students: Passport Showing Visa or a Biometric Card & Passport

You can bring these documents to the Marketing, Recruitment & Communications Dept, 1st Floor (above Welsh for adults) on Dean Street at a pre-arranged time.

If you don’t have the above documents, then unfortunately we can’t employ you.