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Why Study Renewables?

  • Our staff are world leaders in ocean renewable energy research, have written “the” textbook on the subject, and are at the forefront of commercial and R&D developments in the sector, leading major research projects and providing leadership in many of the top conferences in the world.
  • We operate a shelf sea research vessel that is used extensively in teaching, research, and R&D to quantify the ocean energy resource around the Welsh coast. You will use many hands-on real-life datasets and have the opportunity to participate in teaching and research cruises, deploying a range of state-of-the-art instrumentation.
  • We host a coastal observatory that feeds real time information that can be used for monitoring the ocean energy resource.
  • We have access to supercomputing facilities that you can use, in combination with collected data, to simulate the ocean energy resource in detail over long time periods.

Career Opportunities in Renewables

This is a high-tech global industry, and career opportunities are extensive. As well as having the opportunity to work directly for an ocean energy developer, you could work for a metocean consultancy developing models and observing the resource in situ, offshore survey companies, governmental and non-governmental environmental bodies such as the Environment Agency who are concerned about impacts of ocean energy, the Met Office, and related sectors such as offshore wind.

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Our Research in Renewables

Our research specialties include Energy, Environment and Bio-sensing (EEBG); Marine; Solar; Environmental sensing; Biosensing; Nuclear Futures Institute. Expertise from these areas are incorporated into our teaching activities, giving students direct access to the latest Renewables research.

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