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Welcome from Undeb Bangor - your Students' Union

Welcome Week 2023 Video from Undeb Bangor

[00:00] [video shows image of all Undeb Bangor’s Sabbatical Officers]
[00:05] [video shows Nyah Lowe] We are Undeb Bangor, your Students' Union. We have over 150 different clubs, 
[00:09] societies and volunteering projects, that you can get involved in - absolutely free! 
[00:13] [video shows Lewis Thompson] You name it, we have it! Regardless of your 
[00:16] ability you can join to play for fun or competitively.
[00:20] [video shows Sam Dickins] With around a hundred societies ranging from academic societies, hobbies and interest and cultural societies. You will definitely find a society that you will love here.
[00:27] And anybody can start a society. All you need is a great idea
[00:30] and 10 friends who share your passion.
[00:32] [video shows Nida Ambreen] We have around 300 Course Reps across 9 academic schools. Course Reps are the students representing students, fighting for positive change. We make sure that your voices are heard!
[00:44] [video shows Celt John] UMCB is Bangor’s Welsh Students’ Union, we are here to represent you academically in any aspect of your Welsh medium provision. We're also here to represent you socially, including our Welsh medium sub-societies and volunteering projects.
[01:00] [video shows Sam Dickins] We also have over 30 student-led volunteering projects ranging from working with children to wildlife conservation, as well as working with the elderly and much more.
[01:08] [video shows Nyah Lowe] We have a Student Council that meets throughout the year to discuss, debate and pass new ideas.
[01:14] They also help us with campaigns and projects throughout the year.
[01:17] [video shows Nida Ambreen] Undeb Bangor provides professional and academic 
[01:20] advice services to all University Students.
[01:23] We can guide you through various procedures and also help you with disciplinary actions. Although we hope you won't need our services!
[01:29] [video shows Nyah Lowe] At the SU we also support with campaigns such as Black History Month, Women's History Month and LGBTQ+ History Month. As well as, Sustainability, Housing and many other campaigns.
[01:40] [video shows Celt John] You can get involved with our opportunities and projects by coming along to Serendipity our Freshers Fair, where all our opportunities will be there, showcasing what they have to offer!
[01:50] [photo of the Sabbatical Officers with text displaying ‘Head to to find out more!’.

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