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Courses and modules

The following four BA courses are available (for post-graduate courses, see here).

We also offer a number of joint-honours courses (contact us for further details concerning these).

Click on the following links for general information concerning the BA courses, and see below for more details concerning second-language and learner provision.


Second-language and learner provision

BA Welsh for Beginners

The BA Welsh for Beginners has a four-year structure, beginning with a year in which you will spend most of your time learning the language. During this initial year, your language modules will be supplemented with tutorials and individual tuition, providing a good understanding of written and spoken Welsh, as well as an introduction to the history of Welsh literature through translated texts. You will then join the three-year second-language BA scheme described below (its 'first year' will be your second year, and so forth).

BA Second-language

During the first year, you will follow modules specially designed to develop your skills. Some of these will be modules where you will study side-by-side with first-language students, and on these you will receive additional help to enable you to rise to the exciting challenge of being in a fully Welsh learning environment. You will also follow modules that have been specially designed with second-language students in mind (see below): between them they place an emphasis on strengthening your Welsh in all four key skills (reading, writing, speaking, listening) and on extending your knowledge of the literary tradition of Wales, past and present.

Years 2-3 (Beginners’ 3- 4)

Both first- and second-language students follow the same Welsh degree scheme during their final two years, and additional tutorial support is provided for second-language students to ease the full transition to first-language provision. You will be able to choose your modules from a thematically broad and wide-ranging list of subjects, from Court Poetry or Early Welsh Saga Poetry to the Welsh Literature of America, The Modern Welsh Novel, Television Drama or The History of the Welsh Language. You can also select modules from our Creative Writing provision. From Medieval to Modern, from theory to practice, your choices are wide and full.

Our specific second-language courses in the first year are the following:

  • Ysgrifennu Cymraeg – Writing Welsh
    This module aims to get you writing Welsh correctly and confidently. We will set various weekly tasks such as TV or film reviews, formal or informal letters, creative writing or dialogues, formal reports, etc - and this work will be discussed in seminars.
  • Golwg ar Lenyddiaeth Gymraeg  Welsh Literature in History
    This module introduces you to Medieval Welsh literature. You will study some of the masters of the Welsh Poetic Tradition such as Taliesin and Aneirin as well as one of the most colourful characters of Welsh Literature, Dafydd ap Gwilym. You will also learn about the uniquely complex nature of Cynghanedd (poetic harmony) and read some the beautiful Mabinogion tales.
  • Cymraeg Llafar Spoken Welsh
    This module develops oral communication skills (speaking and listening). Different registers of the language are attended to, from dialect to formal speech. Contemporary material from TV, radio and film is used to introduce topics for discussion and presentation. In addition to the audio-visual, written works in a number of forms will also be discussed: e.g., newspapers, magazines, blogs, dialectal literature, etc.
  • Llên a Llun  Words and Vision
    The emphasis in this module is on modern literature and film. You will study a contemporary novel and a volume of poetry, and will also study ‘llunyddiaeth’, discussing recent examples of Welsh films and TV dramas.