Profiles of second language students

Laura Reynolds - Welsh Second Language and English

Delwedd o Laura yn derbyn ysgoloriaethLaura Reynolds, 19 from Buckley near Mold is studying Welsh Second Language and English at Bangor.

"Learning a new language can be very difficult but in Bangor, Welsh can be heard every day by the locals and that’s a great help.

"The staff at the School of Welsh are very friendly and they’re always eager to help."

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Siân Pritchard - Welsh Second Language

Image of Sian PritchardSiân Pritchard is 18 and comes from Rhyl.

"I chose Bangor because of the University's location; it's far enough from home but stil close enough! Also there is a lot of support on offer at the School of Welsh.

"There are a lot of good things about Bangor! It's cheeper to live in Bangor compared to some other University cities. There is also a close knit Welsh community and there's plenty of help and support on offer."

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Scott Rowley – Welsh and French

Image of ScottScott is 21 years old and from Mold, North Wales.

"The best thing about the Welsh degree at Bangor is the feeling of a close community within the School. I haven’t seen this in any other university.  The School of Welsh is very supportive, helpful and fun.

"One of the best things about studying at Bangor is the cost of living. It is relatively cheap in comparison with other universities. There is also an amazing social life to be had at Bangor. "

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Rachael Mather – Welsh with Sports Science

Image of Rachael

Rachael Mather, 23 from Buckley, Flintshire was a Welsh and Sports Science student at Bangor. "I attended Ysgol Gynradd Heol y Mynydd in Buckley where I was first introduced to the Welsh Language. With the support of the staff there, I then went on to Ysgol Uwchradd Gymraeg Maes Garmon where they accept a class of welsh learners every year.

"After gaining my A Level, including an A Level in Welsh First Language, I decided to go to Bangor to study a joint honours degree in Welsh and Sports Science.  

"I thoroughly enjoyed my three years at Bangor and by the end, the School of Welsh felt like a second family. I was given the support I needed from the staff and I was given the chance to represent my year in a meeting with the staff so that the students felt they had a say in the development of the school."

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Delwedd o Laura Cathryn Reynolds

Scholarship Winners

Laura Cathryn Reynolds, ex-pupil of Elfed High School, Buckley who won a Merit Scholarship (£1000) to study Welsh (Second Language) and English.

Sian Elizabeth Prichard, ex-pupil of Rhyl High School who won a Rosa Hovey Scholarship (£250) and also a Delwedd o Sian PritchardTOP Scholarship (Talent and Opportunity Programme) (£1000) to study Welsh (Second Language).

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