Staff Directory

Name +44 1248 Position

Head of School

Prof Jonathan Williams 382642 Professor of Banking and Finance

Deputy Head of School

Prof Owain ap Gwilym 382176 Professor of Finance

Administrative staff

Alison Griffiths 383879 General Administration
Julie Boulton 383023 Student Administration (PGR)
Cara Davies 382641 Student Administration (UG)
Susanne Robinshaw 382177 Student Administration (PGT)
Dr Alan Thomas 383187 Database Co-coordinator Learning Technologist
Melanie Brown 388075 International Liaison and Support Officer, College of Arts, Humanities & Business

Academic Professors

Prof Yener Altunbaş 382191 Professor of Economics
Prof John Ashton 388193 Professor of Banking
Prof Bernardo Batiz-Lazo 388349 Professor of Business History and Bank Management
Prof Santiago Carbo-Valverde 388852 Professor of Economics and Finance
Prof Gareth Griffiths 388543 Professor of Business and Management
Prof Louise Hassan 383280 Professor of Consumer Psychology
Prof Lynn Hodgkinson 382165 Professor of Accounting and Finance
Prof Aziz Jaafar 383226 Professor of Accounting
Prof Doris Merkl-Davies 382120 Professor of Accounting
Prof Kostas Nikolopoulos 383796 Professor of Decision Sciences
Prof Edward Shiu 382161 Professor of Marketing

Emeritus Professors

Prof Michael Cain Professor of Finance & Management Science
Prof Shanti Chakravarty Professor of Economics
Prof Ted Gardener Professor of Banking
Prof John Goddard Professor of Financial Economics
Prof Phil Molyneux Professor of Banking and Finance
Prof Sally Sambrook Professor of Human Resource Development
Prof John Thornton Professor of Global Finance

Senior Academic Staff

Dr Rasha Alsakka 383571 Reader in Banking and Finance
Wendy Ashurst 383482 Senior Lecturer in Accounting
Dr Rhys ap Gwilym 388814 Senior Lecturer in Economics
Mr David James 383227 Senior Lecturer in Marketing
Mr Stephen Jones 382089 Senior Lecturer in Management Studies
Dr Azhdar Karami 388350 Senior Lecturer in Business Management
Dr Noemi Mantovan 388081 Senior Lecturer in Economics (Maternity leave)
Dr Siwan Mitchelmore 388345 Senior Lecturer in Business and Management
Dr Sara Parry 388457 Senior Lecturer in Marketing (Maternity leave)

Academic Staff

Dr Dave Ayling 382174 Lecturer in Accounting and Finance
Dr Annika Beelitz 382993 Lecturer in Accounting
Dr Sara Closs-Davies 388163 Lecturer in Accounting
Dr Clair Doloriert 382158 Lecturer in Management and Organisation
Mr David Ellams 382591 Tutorial Assistant in Banking, Finance and Economics
Dr Sonya Hanna 388077 Lecturer in Marketing
Dr Danial Hemmings 388162 Lecturer in Finance
Dr Edward Jones 388393 Lecturer in Economics (Welsh Medium)
Dr Ayan Orujov 383650 Lecturer in Finance
Dr Marco Pelliccia 388109 Lecturer in Economics
Alessio Reghezza 388398 Lecturer in Banking
Dr Helen Rogers 382171 Lecturer in Accounting
Georgina Smith 388457 Lecturer in Marketing (Maternity Cover for Sara Parry)
Dr Chrysovalantis Vasilakis 382718 Lecturer in Economics
Nia Wyn Weatherley 388271 Teaching Associate
Dr Gwion Williams 383959 Lecturer in Finance

Part-Time Lecturers

Riaz Anwar Lecturer in Accounting
Mr Iqbal Asaria Lecturer in Islamic Accounting and Islamic Insurance
Keith Checkley Lecturer in Credit and Lending
Mr Brian Jones Lecturer in Strategic Management and Public Administration
Jeff Williams-Jones Lecturer in Business Planning
Victoria Somoye Lecturer in Law for Business
Dr Fatima Cardias Williams  Lecturer in Banking and Finance
AlFatih Gessan Pananjung Lecturer in Islamic Banking and Islamic Finance

Bahrain Institute of Banking and Finance / Bangor Business School faculty

Dr Abdelmoneim Metwally Lecturer in Accounting, Banking and Finance

Management Centre

For a list of Management Centre staff, please visit their website.