Bangor Business School Modules: 2016–17

The table below shows all the courses offered by the school (including our joint honours programmes) in the year 2016–17. Follow the links for details of the modules studied in each course.

The courses and modules we offer are subject to annual change. You can also view the list of courses for: 2017–18; 2018–19

Prospective students interested in an overview of the courses we offer should view our Undergraduate Courses pages.

UCAS codeCourseBangor code
LN15BA Accounting & Economics (with International Experience)BA/ECAIE
N401BA Accounting & Finance (with International Experience)BA/AFIE
N402BSc Accounting & Finance (with International Experience)BSC/ACCFINIE
NN36BA Accounting and Banking with International ExperienceBA/ABIE
NN44BSc Accounting and Banking with International ExperienceBSC/ABIE
NL42BSc Accounting and Economics with International ExperienceBSC/AEIE
NN35BA Accounting and BankingBA/ACCB
NN43BSc Accounting and BankingBSC/ACCB
NN45BA Accounting and BankingBA/AB
NL41BSc Accounting and EconomicsBSC/ACCEC
N400BA Accounting and FinanceBA/AF
NN4HBSc Accounting and FinanceBSC/ACCFIN
NR43BA Accounting/ItalianBA/AIT
NR44BA Accounting/SpanishBA/ASP
NN72BA Administration and ManagementBA/ADMGT
N322BA Banking and FinanceBA/BIF
N391BSc Banking and FinanceBSC/BFIN
NN34BA Banking/AccountingBA/BA
NR33BA Banking/ItalianBA/BIT
NR34BA Banking/SpanishBA/BSP
L4N1BA Bus & Soc AdminBA/ADMIN
NN14BA Business Stud & Finance (with International Experience)BA/BSFIE
NG10BA Business and Computer Information SystemsBA/BCIS
L115BA Business Economics (with International Experience)BA/BEIE
L114BA Business EconomicsBA/BE
L190BSc Business EconomicsBSC/BEC
NNM1BSc Business Studies & Marketing with Intl ExperienceBSC/BSMIE
N102BA Business Studies (with International Experience)BA/BUSSIE
N100BA Business StudiesBA/BUSS
N101BSc Business StudiesBSC/BS
NN13BA Business Studies and FinanceBA/BSF
NN1HBSc Business Studies and FinanceBSC/BSFIN
NN15BA Business Studies and MarketingBA/BSM
N1T1BA Business Studies and ChineseBA/BUSCH
NR1HBA Business Studies and ItalianBA/BUSSI
NN1MBSc Business Studies and MarketingBSC/BSMKT
NR1KBA Business Studies and SpanishBA/BUSSS
N1R1BA Bus Stud with FrenchBA/BSFR
N1R2BA Business Studies with GermanBA/BSGER
N1R3BA Business Studies with ItalianBA/BSIT
N1R4BA Business Studies with SpanishBA/BSSP
NR1CBA Business Studies/FrenchBA/BUSSF
NR1FBA Business Studies and GermanBA/BUSSG
NM11BA Business and LawBA/BUSALAW
L1T1BA Economics and ChineseBA/ECCH
LN14BA Economics/AccountingBA/ECA
LR13BA Economics/ItalianBA/ECIT
LR14BA Economics/SpanishBA/ECSP
L111BSc Financial EconomicsBSC/FINEC
NR41BA French/AccountingBA/FRA
NR31BA French/BankingBA/FRB
LR11BA French/EconomicsBA/FREC
NR42BA German/AccountingBA/GA
NR32BA German/BankingBA/GB
LR12BA German/EconomicsBA/GEC
LV11BA History/EconomicsBA/HEC
NR23BA Italian/ManagementBA/ITMGT
N2N4BA Management with AccountingBA/MAF
N2NKBSc Management with AccountingBSC/MWACC
N2NHBSc Management with Banking & FinBSC/MWBF
NQ25BA Management/CymraegBA/MAW
N500BA MarketingBA/MK
N501BSc MarketingBSC/MKT
NR51BA Marketing and French (4 year)BA/MKTFR#
NR52BA Marketing and German (4 year)BA/MKTGER4
NR53BA Marketing and Italian (4 year)BA/MKTITAL
NR54BA Marketing and Spanish (4 year)BA/MKTSP
N5R1BA Marketing with FrenchBA/MKTFR
N5R2BA Marketing with GermanBA/MKTGER
N5R3BA Marketing with ItalianBA/MKITAL
N5R4BA Marketing with SpanishBA/MKTSP#
N2N3BA Mgmt with Bkg & FinBA/MBIF
N2R9BA Mgmt with a Mod LangBA/MML
LL14BA Social Policy/EconomicsBA/SPEC
LL13BA Sociology/EconomicsBA/ECS
C6N1BSc Sport Science and BusinessBSC/SSB