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Courses for Staff

We can provide Welsh language skills support for staff in various forms:

  • day courses held in June / July; September and January every year
  • weekly classes (hour long sessions)
  • courses specifically tailored to meet the needs of your school / department

One day courses

The one day course aims to:

  • provide a general introduction to various methods of developing Welsh language skills and language improvement;
  • raise linguistic awareness by encouraging familiarity with the rules of the language, promoting the effective use of available resources, and by fostering the ability to recognise and correct personal mistakes;
  • develop confidence in the use of Welsh when completing work-related written tasks.

Weekly Classes

The weekly classes are practical workshops focusing on the following:

  • writing for different audiences (e.g. staff, students) and different forms of writing (e.g. e-mails, letters, short reports, minutes etc);
  • formal and informal writing;
  • writing simple, clear and natural Welsh

We will look at specific language issues that arise from these sessions with particular emphasis on staff’s personal needs e.g.

  • spelling, vocabulary and technical terms
  • common mistakes (e.g. mae / mai, ei / eu, i’w / yw etc).
  • mutations
  • verbs
  • the influence of the English language
  • using electronic resources effectively (e.g. Welsh on-line dictionaries and spellchecker, Welsh terminology websites)

Courses specifically tailored to meet the needs of your school / department

We can tailor courses to address the specific needs of staff in your school / department.

We can also discuss the possibilities of providing the following::

  • on-line support
  • one-to-one sessions

For further details, please contact