The Cysgliad package contains a useful selection of software that makes writing in Welsh easier, both at home and in the office. Cysgliad contains Cysill (a Welsh grammar and spelling checker) and Cysgeir, a suite of Welsh/English dictionaries in electronic format.

For more information about Cysgliad, visit the Cysgliad website. Answers for many questions concerning Cysgliad can be found at the website's Frequently Asked Questions page, including details of the programs and operating systems supported by Cysgliad.

Cysill - Welsh Grammar and Spelling Checker
Cysill, included in the Cysgliad package, contains a grammar checker as well as a spellchecker. In addition to general grammatical errors, the grammar checker can correct incorrect mutation and, when errors are found, it can tell the user why the error is considered incorrect.

It is possible to set Cysill to run from within Microsoft Word or as a standalone programe. Text from nearly any program can be sent to Cysill to be spellchecked by selecting the text and then pressing the Ctrl, Alt and W hotkey. If the original text is editable, Cysill can replace it automatically with the corrected text.

Cysgeir - Welsh and English Electronic Dictionary

Cysgeir is a comprehensive computer dictionary that is included in the Cysgliad package. It contains both general words and specialized terminology taken from the terminology dictionaries published by the Centre over the years. The dictionary also has several useful features which traditional dictionaries lack, such as the ability to demutate words and de-conjugate verbs and the ability to function as a rhyme dictionary.

Purchasing Cysgliad
The home version of Cysgliad is available from the online Canolfan Bedwyr shop or Welsh Book Shops. Network versions that work over the network of an office or organizations are available directly from Canolfan Bedwyr.

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