Cysgliad is a software package for your PC. The package comprises of two main programs:



Cysill is a program that identifies and corrects language errors in your Welsh-language documents.

It can identify mistyping, misspelling and grammatical errors, including incorrect mutations. In addition to suggesting corrections when needed, the program explains the nature of grammar mistakes when encountered, so as to help you avoid making the same mistake again.

Cysill also includes a mouseover dictionary, which shows the translation of words when hovered over.

Cysill also has a thesaurus which helps you find different words with similar meanings – a perfect way to improve your vocabulary!



Cysgeir is a collection of various dictionaries in convenient electronic format.

Cysgeir includes hundreds of thousands of dictionary entries, yet finding the relevant entry is quick and easy thanks to the clever but simple interface.

Works with Microsoft Word, LibreOffice and other programs

Cysill and Cysgeir can work as stand-alone programs or as applications called from within Microsoft Word, Outlook or using buttons located on the tool bar.

The two programs can also work with other programs that allow text editing, using hotkeys which facilitate moving text from one program to the other.

Cysgliad System Requirements

Cysgliad is suitable for PCs running Windows 7, 8 and 10.  Cysgliad will not run on macOS see note below.

Cysgliad on macOS

A version of Cysgliad in 2008 was developed for Mac OSX 10.4 and lower with grant aid from the Welsh Language Board. This version has not been updated since and this software is no longer maintained. You can get this version from here. We apologize that there is no up to date version available for macOS.

Purchasing Cysgliad

Individuals or home users

Cysgliad can be ordered here

Institutions, Organisation or Enterprises

Please call (01248) 383293, or email to obtain a quote for an annual licence. These licences also allow your staff/students to download a personal version of Cysgliad through their institutional email address at no extra cost.