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Cysgliad: helping to write in Welsh

Cysgliad is a software package that includes the Cysill Welsh-language grammar and spelling checker as well as the Cysgeir collection of dictionaries.

Cysgliad For Free from Welsh Government

Learning or improving your Welsh? Are your children in Welsh medium education? Do you help them with their homework? Or are you just searching for peace of mind that every t c p has changed to  d g b in the correct place? Cysgliad can help. And it's available for free.

Fancy trying it? Cysgliad's FREE LICENSE for individuals, schools and organizations employing 10 people or less is now available with the support of the Welsh Government.


Do you employ more than 10 people?

If you employ more than 10 people, you can purchase an annual institutional license by clicking HERE.

Unlike the free license, an institutional license includes full telephone support and terms and conditions that suit the needs of organizations.

The following table highlights some of the benefits the institutional license for institutions:

Individuals and schools; companies and organizations employing 10 or less Companies, organizations, universities employing more than 10
Cysgliad Full Package
Cysgliad Tool Bar for Word and Outlook
Cysgliad Tool bar for Libre Office
Updates ✔* ✔**
Support Level Support through Chatbot on Website Full telephone and Teams/Skype/Hangouts support to company / organization IT department during working hours
Installer Basic installation program Installation program for distribution to employee machines over a network, along with a digital signing certificate
License Type Basic software licensing agreement Corporate software licensing agreement
Price of License Free Annual license by size of company or organization. Contact the office for more details ***
* While the Cysgliad scheme remains free (subject to Government grant) ** Constant for the duration of the license *** Contact the office (+44 (0) 1248 383293 or for more details