Pontio - Arts and Innovation Centre

Bangor University welcomes you to Pontio – our new centre offering an exciting and unique blend of Arts and Culture, Innovation, Education and Community.
The name 'Pontio' – a Welsh word which means "to bridge" - captures the essence of our new centre. Pontio brings town and gown together in a real and tangible manner as everyone comes together in innovation, learning, cinema, theatre and restaurants to name just a few.

Located at the foot of the University’s Main Arts building, the centre boasts a theatre, cinema, numerous dining areas, interactive lecture rooms, the Students’ Union and an entire floor dedicated to innovation and the use of cutting-edge technology.

Pontio adds significantly to the amenities within Bangor and the surrounding areas for the economic, social and cultural benefit of both the University and of the wider community. Pontio lives up to its name and its vision by providing a bridge between various facets of the University and the community within north-west Wales.

For more information and to book tickets, please visit the Pontio website.