A selection of graphics representing various landmarks in Bangor including the clock, mountains, the main arts building, the memorial arch and the pier. Also a selection of graphic doodles in various colours.

Bangor University Community Day 14 October 2023

Bangor University will hold a Community Day this autumn, on Saturday 14 October between 11am and 3pm.

This will be a fun day packed with free activities for the whole family, and we hope you can join us!

The event is an opportunity for the University to open its doors to the local community, and will showcase how Bangor University contributes to the social, economic, environmental and cultural life of North Wales and beyond through a range of activities, from research and teaching to leisure and entertainment facilities.

The bulk of activity will be centred around Prichard-Jones Hall and Powis Hall in the main university building, and Pontio Arts and Innovation Centre.

This is a free event, and tickets are not required. To secure your place and receive the latest updates, please register here

Watch this space for more details over the coming weeks!


The purpose of the day is to welcome our local communities here and


share with them the wide range of work that goes on in the university,


people may be aware of the building, it's a very iconic building,


but maybe not aware of what goes on behind the doors,


so today is really an opportunity to share the


wide range of work that goes on, to meet staff, for staff to meet


our local community and for people to have a wonderful autumn day


in Bangor University.


I think it's an opportunity for people to see how relevant is our work can be


to people's everyday lives, to see opportunities to learn and to grow and


to develop as individuals - more importantly, to maybe feel a sense


of ownership of their local university,


and to share that with the staff and the students.

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