International Students

International Community at Bangor

Students from 70 countries choose to study at Bangor every year and make up over 10% of the total student poulation. Amongst these 70 countries, we have students from Taiwan, South Korea, Kenya, Ghana, Pakistan, Mexico and numerous European countries.


The fees you will pay will depend on your nationality and home country. For more information on Fees for International students, please visit the International Students' website


Bangor University is offering an entrance scholarship of 10% off the first year’s tuition fees.  The deadline for submitting applications is 31 August every year. For more information visit the International Students' website

Transport Links

Bangor is located in North Wales and is only 2 hours away from Manchester International Airport. For more information about travelling to Bangor, please visit the International Students' website

Bangor Societies

Bangor University has a wide range of clubs and societies including the Afro-Caribbean Society, Chinese Society, Indian Society, Japanese Society and Islamic Society. For a list of all the societies at Bangor, please visit the Students' Union website

In-country agent information

Bangor University is represented world-wide by our network of Agents and Representatives. Please visit the International students' website for further information.

International Student Welfare

The International Student Welfare Adviser provides advice and guidance on a range of welfare related matters to all international students and their families. Please visit the Students Services website to learn more about this service.

International Student Ambassador Scheme

Bangor University strongly believes in looking after its students and making sure that everyone feels welcome and settles in with ease. That’s why Bangor now has a number of International Student Ambassadors to support international students from the application process right up to their graduation day.