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MA Music with Education

This is a provisional list of modules to be offered on this course in the 2019–20 academic year.

The list may not be complete, and the final course content may be different.

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Year 1 Modules

Compulsory Modules

Semester 2

  • XME-4095: Placement: School Experience (20) Core
    Before placement: Preparation for school experience (including code of conduct, child protection, health and safety issues etc.) To understand how to critically analyse and reflect upon their experiences at school. During placement: To become familiar with the educational institution (school) and the staff To understand the various roles and responsibilities of staff and the staff structure of the school. To observe how various elements of the Curriculum are organized and compare that with curriculum theory. To observe best practice with regards to teaching and learning. To observe how national priorities are delivered by schools. To examine how the school ensures the balanced development of its pupils. To examine how the school assesses progress and reports to parents. To examine how the school provides for inclusion. To relate the school’s ethos to the school mission statement and its academic and pastoral programmes To achieve understanding of the dual role of the Form Tutor: pastoral and administrative. To achieve understanding of management and leadership. To examine how the school provides for bilingual education. To take part in a short presentation for staff and/or students. During the university sessions To review their experiences to date. To ensure reflective logs include critical analysis and reflections tied to the underlying theory. To review what further experiences would be helpful to their development.

credits from:

  • WXT-4011: Part II Submission (60) (Semester 3)
    The Part Two module of the MA or MMus consists of a single project of a scope and scale that a student may reasonably expect to completed after four to five months of full-time, independent, supervised study. It should demonstrate advanced knowledge and study in the field, and should incorporate some level of individuality in terms of thought and approach. It will normally be undertaken in the main study area chosen for Part One, and may take the form of either (i) a dissertation or equivalent prose study, (ii) a portfolio of compositions, (iii) an edition with commentary or (iv) a public recital, depending on the student's main area of specialism. The scope and content of the project will be guided by the supervisor(s), and should follow the plan submitted in the module 'Preparing for the Part Two project'.
    WXC-4011: Cyflwyniad Project Rhan II (60) (Semester 3)
    Mae Rhan Dau rhaglen yr MA neu'r MMus yn cynnwys project unigol ar rychwant a graddfa y byddai disgwyl rhesymol i'w gwblhau wedi 4 neu 5 mis o astudiaeth annibynnol, lawn-amser dan arolygiaeth. Dylai ddangos gwybodaeth ac astudiaeth uwch yn y maes, gan ymgorffori hefyd ryw lefel o waith gwreiddiol o ran meddwl a dull. Fel rheol, cynhelir y project yn y prif faes astudiaeth a ddewiswyd ar gyfer Rhan Un, a gall fod ar ffurf naill ai (i) traethawd hir neu astudiaeth ryddieithol gyfatebol, (ii) portffolio o gyfansoddiadau, (iii) argraffiad gyda sylwebaeth, neu (iv) ddatganiad cyhoeddus, yn ôl prif faes arbenigedd y myfyriwr. Yr arolygwr/arolygwyr fydd yn rhoi cyfarwyddyd ar rychwant a chynnwys y project, a ddylai ddilyn y cynllun a gyflwynwyd yn y modiwl 'Paratoi ar gyfer y Project Rhan Dau'.

Optional Modules

60 credits from:

  • WMP-4040: Performance and History (30) (Semester 1)
    Organology Historical performance practice Programme notes Music sociology and media Music analysis
    WMC-4040: Perfformio a Hanes (30) (Semester 1)
  • WMP-4041: Current Musicology (30) (Semester 1)
    A fairly late addition to the concert of academic disciplines, musicology is defined as `the study of music¿ broadly understood. Simple though this specification sounds, music as an object of study has elicited a variety of different methodological approaches, both intrinsic to the musicology (analysis) and imported from other disciplines (philology, literary criticism, aesthetics, sociology, anthropology, acoustics etc.). The course intends to make students familiar with a range of methodologies and methodological debates which have a vital impact on current research undertaken in the field (e.g. historiography, analysis, `new musicology¿, gender, structuralism and post-structuralism, authenticity). Selected readings of scholarly writing serve a dual purpose: Firstly, they are used to establish the key concepts and approaches characteristic of the individual approaches and thus pave the way for an understanding even of jargon-ridden texts. Secondly, they form the basis of a critical assessment, which recognises the historical conditioning of methodologies and seeks to evaluate their benefits and limitations. This look behind the scenes of musicological discourse will prepare students for a reflective use of methodologies in their own research. The practice of critical discourse will be trained by through occasional discussion sessions on seminal and controversial methodological approaches, in which students take the lead. Additionally students will be exposed to the very latest trends in musicology through the two-weekly School of Music research seminars series, which provides a forum for cutting-edge research by scholars from Bangor and elsewhere.
    WXC-4041: Cerddoreg Gyfredol (30) (Semester 1)
    Cymerir bod myfyriwr sy'n cychwyn ar raglen gradd uwch yn gwybod sut i edrych yn feirniadol ar ddarn o gerddoriaeth, sut i gael hyd i lenyddiaeth ar bwnc priodol, a sut i ddefnyddio'n briodol yr hyn y mae'n ei ganfod pan fo'n ysgrifennu traethawd. Fodd bynnag, nid yw hynny mor hawdd. Bwriad y modiwl hwn yw cyflwyno myfyrwyr i gymhlethdod astrus mynegiant cerddorol - a'u harwain trwyddo. Byddwn yn edrych ar wahanol is-ddisgyblaethau neu ddisgyblaethau cyfagos (astudiaethau ffynonellol, ymarfer perfformio, ffiloleg, ethnogerddoreg, dadansoddi ffurfiol, theori, astudiaethau gender `cerddoreg newydd'), ar draddodiadau cenedlaethol a hanesyddol, ar ragdybiaethau a rhagfarnau, brwydrau hir ac anghydffurfiaeth lon - yr holl bethau sy'n gwneud y ddisgyblaeth a'i chadw'n fyw. Ceir hefyd gwrs gloywi ar hen fedrau chwilio am wybodaeth a phrosesu gwybodaeth. Bydd addysgu'n cynnwys seminarau trafod pynciol dan arweiniad myfyrwyr a golwg fer ar `gerddoreg fyw' trwy gyfres seminarau ymchwil yr Ysgol Cerddoriaeth y bydd yn ofynnol i fyfyrwyr fynd iddynt a rhoi sylwadau arnynt.
  • WMP-4042: Composition in Context (30) (Semester 1)
    By addressing a number of issues relating to contemporary composition, a series of concepts will be provided, discussed and developed in this area. Seminar presentations will allow the student to experience and appreciate at greater length a variety of contemporary idioms. Competence and confidence in employing a variety of twentieth and twenty-first century compositional techniques, or an enhanced critical and analytical appreciation of contemporary music, will then be developed by the student. Oral presentational skills will also be acquired through seminar participation and contribution. Work will be assessed by means of EITHER compositions and aural presentation, OR essay submission and aural presentation, OR a combination of both (see below).
    WMC-4042: Cyfansoddi mewn Cyd-Destun (30) (Semester 1)
  • WMP-4103: Music in Society (30) (Semester 2) or
    WMC-4103: Cerdd mewn Cymdeithas (30) (Semester 1)
  • WMP-4105: Contemporary Music Practice (30) (Semester 2) or
    WMC-4105: Ymarfer Cerddoriaeth Gyfoes (30) (Semester 2)
  • WMP-4106: Independent Research Project (30) (Semester 2) or
    WMC-4106: Project Ymchwil Annibynnol (30) (Semester 2)
  • WMP-4107: Music: text and context (30) (Semester 1) or
    WMC-4107: Cerdd: testun a chyd-destun (30) (Semester 1)
  • WMP-4113: Performance Studies Education (30) (Semester 2) or
    WMC-4113: Astudio Perfformio mewn Addysg (30) (Semester 2)
  • WMP-4121: Composition Project I (30) (Semester 1) or
    WMC-4121: Project Cyfansoddi 1 (30) (Semester 1)
  • WMP-4122: Composition Project II (30) (Semester 2) or
    WMC-4122: Project Cyfansoddi 2 (30) (Semester 2)
  • WMP-4123: Composition Project I (30) (Semester 2)

60 credits from:

  • QXS-4002: Academic Writing & Grammar (10) (Semester 1)
  • QXS-4003: Ad. Vocabulary Use & Reading (10) (Semester 2)
    This course is suitable for Non-native speakers of English with an IELTS of less than 7.0
  • XME-4083: Educational Leadership (30) (Semester 1)
  • XME-4091: Assessment in Education (30) (Semester 1 + 2)
    • Current methods of formal assessment used in schools in the UK • Contemporary research concerning best practice in assessment • Use of formative feedback in improving performance • Assessment and inclusion • Assessment in different topics and age ranges • Principles of quality assurance and the importance of consistency in assessment.
  • XME-4093: Curriculum Development (30) (Semester 2)
    • What is the curriculum? • Theoretical underpinning: planning and development. • Implementation and management • The social, economic and political context of curriculum development and implementation. • Objectives, outcomes and standards • Assessment, evaluation, appraisal and accountability • The need for national curricula: decision makers, stakeholders and influences • International perspectives
  • QXS-4100: Speaking & Listening (10) (Semester 1)
    Course suitable for non native Speakers of English with an IELTS of less than 7.0