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Taught Postgraduate Courses: 2018–19

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You can also view the list of courses for: 2019–20; 2020–21

Arts, Humanities and Business


UCAS codeCourseBangor code
N4AJMSc AccountingMSC/ACC
N4APMSc Accounting and Finance (with Incorporated Pre-Masters)MSC/ACCF1
N4AMMSc Accounting (with Incorporated Pre-Masters)MSC/ACC1
N4AKMSc Accounting and BankingMSC/ACB
N4AGMSc Accounting and FinanceMSC/ACCFIN
N3CHMA Banking & Finance (Chartered Banker)MA/BFCB
N3CKMSc Banking & Finance (Chartered Banker)MSC/BFCB
N3ABMA Banking & FinanceMA/BIF
N3ADMBA Banking and FinanceMBA/BIF
N3AXMSc Banking and FinanceMSC/BANKFIN
N3DGMBA Banking and Finance (with Incorporated Pre-Masters)MBA/BIF1
N3BBMA Banking and LawMA/LBANK
N3BCMBA Banking and LawMBA/LBANK
N3DEMA Banking and Law (with Incorporated Pre-Masters)MA/LBANK1
N1AVMA Business and MarketingMA/BUSMRK
N1BJMA Business and Marketing (with Incorporated Pre-Masters)MA/BMK1
N1AXMA Business with Consumer PsychologyMA/BUSPSY
N1AYMSc Business with Consumer PsychologyMSC/BUSPSY
N3BNMBA Chartered BankerMBA/CBDL
N2AUMBA Environmental ManagementMBA/EM
N2BBMBA Environmental Management (with Incorporated Pre-Masters)MBA/EM1
N3CMMSc Finance (10 month)MSC/FIN10
N3CNMBA Finance (10 month)MBA/FIN10
N3CTMSc Finance (with Incorporated Pre-Masters)MSC/FIN1
N2ASMBA Information ManagementMBA/INFOMAN
N2BCMBA Information Management (with Incorporated Pre-Masters)MBA/INFM1
N1BGMBA International BusinessMBA/INTBUS
N1BLMBA International Business (with Incorporated Pre-Masters)MBA/IBUS1
N5ADMBA International MarketingMBA/IM
N3CCMSc Investment ManagementMSC/IMGT
N3CRMSc Investment Management (10 month)MSC/IMGT10
N3CXMSc Investment Management (with Incorporated Pre-Masters)MSC/IMGT1
N3DKMBA Islamic Banking & Finance (with incorp pre-Masters)MBA/IB1
N3BFMSc Islamic Banking and FinanceMSC/IBF
N3BMMBA Islamic Banking and FinanceMBA/IB
M1ALLLM Law and BankingLLM/LB
N2AFMBA Law and ManagementMBA/LMGT
N2ANMBA ManagementMBA/M
N2BAMBA Management (with Incorporated Pre-Masters)MBA/M1
N2AOMSc Management and FinanceMSC/MANFIN
N2AQMA Management and FinanceMA/MANFIN
N2AYMSc Management and Finance (with Incorporated Pre-Masters)MSC/MANF1
N2AZMA Management and Finance (with Incorporated Pre-Masters)MA/MANF1
N1BRPG Cert Research MethodologyCERT/RM

History, Philosophy and Social Sciences

UCAS codeCourseBangor code
V1AODiploma Celtic ArchaeologyDIP/CELTARCH
V1APMA Celtic ArchaeologyMA/CELTARCH
L3AADiploma Comparative Criminology and Criminal JusticeDIP/CRIM
L3ABMA Comparative Criminology and Criminal JusticeMA/CRIM
L3BEMA Criminology and LawMA/CAL
L3AXMA Criminology and SociologyMA/CAS
V1AQDiploma HistoryDIP/HIST
L4AAMA Language Policy and PlanningMA/LAPP
M1AMLLM Law and CriminologyLLM/LC
L4AJMA Polisi a Chynllunio IeithyddolMA/PCI
L3BJMA SociologyMA/SOC
V1AIDiploma Welsh HistoryDIP/WH
V1AJMA Welsh HistoryMA/WH

Languages, Literatures and Linguistics

UCAS codeCourseBangor code
Q1AXMA Applied Linguistics for TEFLMA/ALTEFL
Q3ABMA Arthurian LiteratureMA/ALI
Q1ANMA BilingualismMA/BILING
Q3AJDiploma Creative Writing (English)DIP/CWE
Q3AKMA Creative Writing (English)MA/CWE
Q3ACDiploma EnglishDIP/E
Q3ADMA EnglishMA/E
Q3ASMA English LiteratureMA/EL
R9ABMA European StudiesMA/EURSTUD
R9AEMA European Languages and CulturesMA/ELC
Q1BBMSc Language Acquisition & DevelopmentMSC/LAD
Q1ABMA LinguisticsMA/LING
Q3ARMA Literatures of WalesMA/LW
T9ADMA Translation StudiesMA/TRANS


UCAS codeCourseBangor code
N3BBMA Banking and LawMA/LBANK
N3BCMBA Banking and LawMBA/LBANK
N3DEMA Banking and Law (with Incorporated Pre-Masters)MA/LBANK1
L3BEMA Criminology and LawMA/CAL
M1AILLM International LawLLM/IL
M1ATLLM International Criminal Law & Intl Human Rights LawLLM/ICLHR
M1AOLLM International Intellectual Property LawLLM/IIPL
M1AFLLM International Commercial and Business LawLLM/ICBL
M1ALLLM Law and BankingLLM/LB
M1AMLLM Law and CriminologyLLM/LC
N2AFMBA Law and ManagementMBA/LMGT
M1ASLLM Law of the SeaLLM/LS
M1AQLLM Public Procurement Law and StrategyLLM/PPLS

Music and Media

UCAS codeCourseBangor code
W3BMMMus Composition and Sonic ArtMMUS/CSA
W6ADMA Filmaking: Concept to ScreenMA/FCS
P3ASMSc International Media & ManagementMSC/IMEDM
W3BJMA Music with EducationMA/MUSED
W3BGMMus PerformanceMMUS/MUSP

Welsh (Cymraeg)

UCAS codeCourseBangor code
Q5ALDiploma Iaith a Llenyddiaeth GymraegDIP/LLEN
Q5AMMA Iaith a Llenyddiaeth GymraegMA/LLEN
Q5ANDiploma Ysgrifennu CreadigolDIP/YSGCRE
Q5AOMA Ysgrifennu CreadigolMA/YSGCRE

Environmental Sciences and Engineering

Computer Science and Electronic Engineering

UCAS codeCourseBangor code
G5ARMSc Broadband and Optical CommunicationMSC/BROPCOMM
G4ANMSc Computer Science with VisualisationMSC/CSV
G4AKMSc Computer ScienceMSC/CS
G4APMSc Computer Science with Artificial IntelligenceMSC/CSAI
G4AMMSc Computer Science with SecurityMSC/CSS
H6AJMSc Electronic EngineeringMSC/ELENG
N2ASMBA Information ManagementMBA/INFOMAN
H6AFMSc Nanotechnology and MicrofabricationMSC/NANOTECH

Natural Sciences

UCAS codeCourseBangor code
DDABMSc AgroforestryMSC/AGRO
F1AJMSc Analytical ChemistryMSC/ANCHEM
D9ANMSc Conservation and Land ManagementMSC/CLM
D9ABMA Countryside ManagementMA/CM
D4AEMSc Environmental and Business ManagementMSC/EBM
D3ABMSc Environmental ForestryMSC/EFOR
D4AFMSc Food Security in the Changing Environment (5yrs p/t)MSC/FS
D3AQMSc Forestry (Distance Learning)MSC/FORDL
C7AAMSc Molecular Biology with BiotechnologyMSC/MBB
D9ASMSc Rheolaeth Amgylcheddol GynaliadwyMSC/RAG
D9AVMA Rheolaeth Amgylcheddol GynaliadwyMA/RHAG
D5ABMSc Sustainable Forest and Nature ManagementMSC/SFNM
D5AAMSc Sustainable Tropical ForestryMSC/STFOR
D5AGPGCert Tropical ForestryCERT/TF
D5ACMSc Tropical Forestry (Distance Learning)MSC/TF
C1BDMSc Wetland Science for Pollution ControlMSC/WSP
C1BCMSc Wetland Science and ConservationMSC/WSC

Ocean Sciences

UCAS codeCourseBangor code
F7ATMSc Applied Marine GeoscienceMSC/APMGSCI
C1AFMSc Marine BiologyMSC/MB
F7ADMSc Marine Environmental ProtectionMSC/MEP
F7AXMSc Marine Renewable EnergyMSC/MRE
F7AHMSc Physical OceanographyMSC/PO

Human Sciences

Education and Human Development

UCAS codeCourseBangor code
2L5PPGCE Addysg Gynradd (yn arwain at Statws Athro Cymwysedig)CERT/EDPC
X3BDMSc Arweinyddiaeth mewn AddysgMSC/AMA
X3AADiploma Education StudiesDIP/ED
X3ABMA Education Studies (part-time)MA/ED
X3ACMEd Education StudiesMED/ED
X3ANMA Education StudiesMA/EDST
X3BBMSc Educational LeadershipMSC/EL
X9AECertificate in Higher EducationCERT/HED
X1X9Outdoor ActivitiesCERT/EDSOAE
X9W1Outdoor Activities: ArtCERT/EDSOAAE
X9C1Outdoor Activities: BiologyCERT/EDSOABE
X9F1Outdoor Activities: ChemCERT/EDSOACE
X9G1Outdoor Activities: MathsCERT/EDSOAME
X9W3Outdoor Activities: MusicCERT/EDSOME
X9F3Outdoor Activities: PhysicsCERT/EDSOAPE
X9V6Outdoor Activities: RECERT/EDSOREE
X9C6Physical EducationCERT/EDSPEE
X9CPPhysical EducationCERT/EDSPEB
2L5NPGCE Primary Education (leading to Qualified Teacher Status)CERT/EDPE
V6X1Religious EducationCERT/EDSREE
V6XDReligious EducationCERT/EDSREB

Health Sciences

UCAS codeCourseBangor code
B7BWPG Dip Adult Nursing (pre-registration)DIP/ANUR
B7BDMSc Advanced Healthcare Practice (theory)MSC/AHPT
B7BHMSc Advanced Clinical Practice (AHP)MSC/ACP
B7AXMSc Advanced Clinical PracticeMSC/ADCLPR
B7CDMSc Applied Health ResearchMSC/AHR
B7BJMSc Dementia StudiesMSC/EDS
L5ARMSc Leading Quality ImprovementMSC/LSI
B7ALMSc Public Health and Health PromotionMSC/PUBHLTH
L3BFMA Gwaith Cymdeithasol / Social WorkMA/SOW

Medical Sciences

UCAS codeCourseBangor code
B9BDMSc Clinical ScienceMSC/CLINS
B9BPMSc Genomics and Precision MedicineMSC/GPM
B9BGMSc Medical Molecular Biology with GeneticsMSC/MEDMBG
B9BHPGDip Medical Molecular Biology with GeneticsDIP/MEDMBG
B9BCPostgraduate Certificate Medical Education PracticePGCERT/MEP
A3ABMSc Physician Associate StudiesMSC/PAS
A3AAPGDip Physicians Associate StudiesDIP/PAS


UCAS codeCourseBangor code
C8ENMSc Applied Behaviour Analysis with PracticumMSC/ABAP
C8ECMSc Applied Behaviour AnalysisMSC/APPBA
N1AXMA Business with Consumer PsychologyMA/BUSPSY
N1AYMSc Business with Consumer PsychologyMSC/BUSPSY
C8EFMSc Clinical and Health PsychologyMSC/CHPSY
C8CMMSc Consumer Psychology with BusinessMSC/CPSBUS
C8CNMA Consumer Psychology with BusinessMA/CPSBUS
C8DXMSc CounsellingMSC/CNSL
C8BRMSc Foundations of Clinical NeuropsychologyMSC/FCLNPSY
C8BSDiploma Mindfulness-Based ApproachesDIP/MIND
C8BTMSc Mindfulness-Based Approaches (5yr)MSC/MIND
C8BVMA Mindfulness-Based Approaches (5yr)MA/MIND
C8EKMA Mindfulness Based Approaches (3yr)MA/MIND3
C8ELMSc Mindfulness Based Approaches (3yr)MSC/MIND3
C8CUMSc NeuroimagingMSC/N
C8DYMSc Positive Behaviour SupportMSC/PBS
C8EGMSc Principles of Clinical NeuropsychologyMSC/PCNP
C8ALMSc Psychological ResearchMSC/PSYRES
C8DUMSc PsychologyMSC/PSY
C8CPDiploma Teaching Mindfulness-Based CoursesDIP/TMIND

Sport, Health and Exercise Sciences

UCAS codeCourseBangor code
B6ALMSc Applied Sport and Exercise PhysiologyMSC/SPEXPHYS
B6AFMSc Applied Sports ScienceMSC/ASPS
B6APMSc Exercise RehabilitationMSC/EXREHAB
B6ANMSc Sport and Exercise PsychologyMSC/SPEXPSY