Experiment in progress showing petri dishes and leaves.

Biological Sciences Postgraduate Research - Variable 2022/23* Entry

Course Details

  • Qualification PhD
  • Duration 1-3 years
  • Study Mode

    Full Time

  • Location


Dropper over test tube dropping sample chemical into  plaint

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We offer strong support for research activities; we have unique opportunities for students to conduct project work with internationally recognised supervisors. 

DNA data inside petri dish

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Biotechnology is the application of biology to improve quality of life and the health of our planet. We offer unique opportunities for students to conduct project work under internationally recognised supervisors.

Chemical substances for research and analyzing

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Medicine and medical research activities are undergoing a fundamental change, largely driven by ground breaking technology developments. A research degree will inspire and enable you to innovate and contribute to the well-being of all. You’ll work with world leaders in their field, gaining an array of skills and exposure to the cutting edge of global medical research.

Scientist wearing protective mask working with blood samples in a laboratory

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Postgraduate research in Health Sciences focuses on developing innovative approaches to understand and respond to the plethora of challenges and opportunities involved in contemporary health and social care. Our research follows an interdisciplinary approach that inspires the application of a range of applied quantitative and diverse qualitative research approaches.

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