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Find out about the research opportunities in Biology

Why Study Biology?

We offer strong support for research activities; we have unique opportunities for students to conduct project work with internationally recognised supervisors. You will also benefit from our extensive local, national and international links with state and private sector organisations. 

Our students enjoy being here and we pride ourselves on the quality of teaching and pastoral care we offer. We have a long tradition in teaching and research in the Biological Sciences. Research submitted by our staff has been recognised as being within the top 20 in the UK in the Research Excellence Framework (REF 2014).

We have excellent facilities for the study of both flora and fauna – these include snake, lizard and fish collections a Botanic Garden and a Natural History Museum on our campus.

Our award-winning staff always make sure they’re available to help students throughout their studies.

Our lecturers and researches at are involved in a variety of biology-related research, making use of the top-class facilities at Bangor University. Your research project will normally contribute to current ground-breaking research.

Every working day I draw upon the experience gained from the multi-disciplinary approach that my University studies at Bangor took.

Career Opportunities in Biology

Our graduates have gone on to careers in research (both in academia and research institutes) as well as in commercial environmental consultancies, DEFRA, water authorities, scientific publishing, landscape architects and many others.

Today’s job market offers a wide range of opportunities in the agricultural, medical, pharmaceutical, aquaculture, forensics and environmental science areas. The rapidly developing economies of China and India in particular have recognised the enormous opportunities offered in this subject area. Opportunities in sales and marketing with companies who have a science base are also common. Some graduates will also choose to extend their knowledge base by undertaking further research programmes in relevant areas.

Our Research in Biology

We have a vigorous research base in a number of areas which include: molecular ecology, fisheries genetics, ancient DNA, evolutionary and conservation biology, biogeochemistry, bio hydrometallurgy, plant product biochemistry and (plant) stress physiology, wetland biogeochemistry, neurophysiology of crustaceans, animal responses to stress and applied microbiology.

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Related Subject Areas

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