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Why Study Medical Sciences?

The majority of the leading research we carry out is in the North West Cancer Research Institute (NWCR) and is aimed at understanding the mechanisms underlying how cancers develop, spread and evade therapy. Our goal is to play a key role in developing new treatments and tools for early diagnosis and patient monitoring, which will reduce mortality rates and improve the patient pathway. 

We also have extensive expertise in a number of other important medical disciplines, ranging from biomedical science through to vascular surgery. Our medical sciences research is ultimately focussed on improving the wellbeing of the people of Wales and beyond, and contributing to overcoming the major global heath challenges that currently face us. 

A research degree will inspire and enable you to innovate and contribute to the well-being of all. You’ll work with world leaders in their field, gaining an array of skills and exposure to the cutting edge of global medical research. This will position you well for accessing distinct higher level, rewarding career pathways in a field of ever growing opportunities. The School is always open to applications from motivated and qualified self-funded students seeking to undertake a PhD in a relevant subject area

Career Opportunities in Medical Sciences

A research degree in any of the medical sciences disciplines offers high calibre opportunities in a range of careers world-wide. These include basic or applied medical research in academia or industry, such as the pharmaceutical sector. The changes and current challenges in medicine are also creating new career openings in research communication in various sectors, including health providers, industry and the media.

Additionally, the skills acquired from a research degree will equip you well for taking on senior positions outside research, and many senior managerial roles in a wide range of organisations are open to those with higher research degrees.

Our Research in Medical Sciences

Within the School of Medical Sciences, we offer research degrees that will employ state-of-the-art approaches to address basic questions in medicine and/or develop applications to overcome a serious unmet clinical need. We have an overarching aim of improving the patient pathway, either by contributing new insight to fill an important gap in medical knowledge or developing applications which directly contribute to improving health and well-being.

We have a strong focus on cancer research where our research teams are not only exploring the complex processes which result in the development, progression and therapeutic resistance of cancers, but are also developing the basis for new therapies and patient monitoring technologies. The cancer research teams are housed in the North West Cancer Research Institute, which integrates us with the wider research networks in other leading research intense universities world-wide and health providers, to ensure that our research is relevant to the needs of cancer patients within Wales and beyond.

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