Module VPR-3302:
Applied Ethics

Module Facts

Run by School of History, Philosophy and Social Sciences

20 Credits or 10 ECTS Credits

Semester 2

Organiser: Prof Eryl W Davies

Overall aims and purpose

The aim of the module is to examine the relevance of ethics to debates concerning controversial issues in contemporary society. This will be done in relation to some of the following issues: responsibility for alleviating world poverty; responsible care for the environment; problems relating to euthanasia; the issue of abortion and women’s rights; and the justification for war. The purpose will be to enable students to view various sides of the argument in each case and come to their own considered conclusions.

Course content

The module will begin with a brief outline of the various ethical challenges which face contemporary society. It will then consider the following issues: (a) world poverty (is it the responsibility of individuals or governments or both to alleviate world poverty?); (b) the arguments justifying an environmental ethic; ethical considerations to be considered in the case of voluntary and non-voluntary euthanasia; the issue of abortion the notion of reverence for human life; war and peace (the just war theory; ethics and nuclear weapons etc.)

Learning outcomes

Assessment Methods

Type Name Description Weight
Essay 50
Case Study 50

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