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This is a provisional list of modules to be offered on this course in the 2019–20 academic year.

The list may not be complete, and the final course content may be different.

You can also view the modules offered in the years: 2017–18; 2018–19.

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Year 1 Modules

Optional Modules

120 credits from:

  • XME-4001: Research Methods in Education (30) (Semester )
    1. An Introduction to Educational Research; 2. The Research Question; 3. An Overview of Quantitative Research Methods; 4. Ethics and Educational Research; 5. An Overview of Qualitative Research Methods; 6. Structured Observations; 7. Evaluating Articles; 8. Writing Questionnaires; 9. Presenting Questionnaire data; 10. Conducting Interviews; 11. Analysing Qualitative Data; 12. Assignment 2 – The Mini Research Project; 13. Single Case Experimental Designs; 14. Case Studies; 15. Action Research; 16. The Research Proposal; 17. Tutorial(s); 18. Internet Research; 19. Academic Writing;
  • XME-5001: Thesis Proposal (30) (Semester )