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These are the modules currently offered on this course in the 2019–20 academic year.

You can also view the modules offered in the years: 2018–19.

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Year 1 Modules

Optional Modules

120 credits from:

  • XME-4001: Research Methods in Education (30) (Semester )
    1. An Introduction to Educational Research; 2. The Research Question; 3. An Overview of Quantitative Research Methods; 4. Ethics and Educational Research; 5. An Overview of Qualitative Research Methods; 6. Structured Observations; 7. Evaluating Articles; 8. Writing Questionnaires; 9. Presenting Questionnaire data; 10. Conducting Interviews; 11. Analysing Qualitative Data; 12. Assignment 2 – The Mini Research Project; 13. Single Case Experimental Designs; 14. Case Studies; 15. Action Research; 16. The Research Proposal; 17. Tutorial(s); 18. Internet Research; 19. Academic Writing;
  • XME-5001: Thesis Proposal (30) (Semester )