Staff Research by Professor Colin Baker

In the last few years, Professor Colin Baker published the third and fourth edition of his book ‘Foundations of Bilingual Education and Bilingualism’ (2001, 2006). The first edition of this book was the 1994 Standing Conference in Education Book Prize-winner (best book of 1993 by an established author). This scholarly book was the first to integrate international and interdisciplinary research on bilingualism and bilingual education. In the United States, it continues to be the most widely read text on theory and research on bilingualism and bilingual education with further high sales in most countries of Europe, Canada, Japan and other Pacific Rim countries – all areas with a crucial and growing interest in bilingualism, multiculturalism and bilingual education. The book appeared in Japanese in October 1996 and in Spanish in June 1997, Latvian in 2001 and Greek in 2002. The book has, since 1993, defined the field of bilingual education, comprehensively conceptualizing its philosophy, politics, policies, provision and diverse practices. The 2006 edition contains a myriad of original insights and ideas from Baker.

Professor Colin Baker is the founding and sole Editor (since 1997) of the International Journal of Bilingualism and Bilingual Education This journal has been so successful that it has tripled in size, moving from four issues of 80 pages to six issues per year with 128 pages each issue. He is also on the Editorial Boards of the Journal of Multilingual and Multicultural Development, Language and Education, the US-based Journal of Language, Identity and Education, US-based Bilingual Research Journal, Evaluation and Research in Education, and the International Journal of Multilingualism.

Professor Baker is the founder Editor (1994) and now Co-Editor of an International Series of academic books on Bilingual Education and Bilingualism (with Professor Nancy Hornberger, College of Education and Lifelong Learning, University of Pennsylvania). The authors for this Series are international, although there is a preponderance of USA books. Professor Baker was a founder Council Member of the Welsh Curriculum and Assessment Authority (ACCAC). From 1997, he has served on the Welsh Language Board (a government body with responsibility for implementing the Welsh Language Act, language planning and a ‘strategic overview’ of bilingual education in Wales) with particular responsibilities for research and research grants.

Professor Colin Baker’s Major Publications

“Aspects of Bilingualism in Wales” (book), Multilingual Matters: Clevedon, 1985. (Hardback and Paperback; 209 pages).

“Key Issues in Bilingualism and Bilingual Education” (book)

Multilingual Matters: Clevedon, 1988. (Hardback and Paperback, 222 pages).

“Attitudes and Language” (book), Multilingual Matters: Clevedon, 1992. (Hardback and Paperback, 173+x pages).

“Foundations of Bilingual Education and Bilingualism” (Book). Multilingual Matters, (Hardback and paperback; xvi+322 pages). Reprinted in 1993 (May) & 1994 (February). This book was the 1994 Standing Conference in Education Book Prizewinner (Best book of 1993 by an established author).

“A Parents and Teachers Guide to Bilingualism” (Book). Multilingual Matters, (May 1995). Also published in Swedish as Barnets Väg Till Tvåspråkighet by Förlaget Påfågeln, Uppsala. (1996)

“Foundations of Bilingual Education and Bilingualism” (Book). Multilingual Matters, (Second Edition, 1996). Also published in Japanese, Spanish, Latvian and Greek.

Encyclopedia of Bilingualism and Bilingual Education. Multilingual Matters, (commissioned) 1998. (with Sylvia Prys Jones).This won the British Association for Applied Linguistics Book Prize Award for 1999.

A Parents and Teachers Guide to Bilingualism (Book). Multilingual Matters, (Second Edition, 2000). Also published in Swedish, Spanish, Mandarin, Estonian, Turkish and German.

The Care and Education of Young Bilinguals: An Introduction for Professional (Book).

Multilingual Matters. 2000 “Foundations of Bilingual Education and Bilingualism” (Book). Multilingual Matters, Clevedon. (Third Edition, 2001).

An Introductory Reader to the Writings of Jim Cummins. (Book). Multilingual Matters, 2001 (with Nancy H. Hornberger).

Guía Para Padres y Maestros de Niños Bilingües. (Book). Multilingual Matters, Clevedon, 2001, (written with Prof Alma Flor Ada – San Francisco – USA)).

Language Planning: A Grounded Approach. In Jean-Marc Dewaele, Alex Housen & Li Wei., Bilingualism: Beyond Basic Principles.’ Festschrift in Honour of Hugo Baetens Beardsmore’, 2003, Multilingual Matters, Clevedon.

Education as a Site of Language Contact. Annual Review of Applied Linguistics ‘Language Contact and Change’ 2003, Volume 23, 95–112. CambridgeUniversity Press.

Biliteracy and Transliteracy in Wales: Language Planning and the Welsh National Curriculum. In N. Hornberger (ed.) Continua of Biliteracy: An Ecological Framework for Educational Policy, Research and Practice in Multilingual Settings. Multilingual Matters, Clevedon.

Psycho-sociological analysis in language policy research. In T. Ricento (ed.) An Introduction to Language Policy: Theory and Method. Malden, MA: Blackwell. 2005

Foundations of Bilingual Education & Bilingualism (revision to a fourth edition). Multilingual Matters, Clevedon. March 2006.

Completed Book (awaiting publication):: Bilingual Education: An Introductory Reader. (with Ofelia García, Teachers College, New York). Multilingual Matters, Clevedon.

Opening Plenary Paper for the ‘European Union Regional and Minority Languages in Education Systems Conference, Brussels 27th/28th April 2006: ‘Changing Perspectives in Bilingual and Multilingual Education’.

Curriculum Vitae: Colin Baker