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What the BEA offers

“Very few people just walk into their perfect job on Day 1 after graduating - it's all about steering a course towards what you want to do. I think doing what you have done with the BEA is excellent - this will certainly enhance your own CV and your employability and is exactly the right approach.”
George Buckley, Chief UK economist for Deutsche Bank and 1991 graduate.

"The BEA has the potential to help students stand out from the crowd; if they combine the award, their experiences, and their academic qualifications, they should be able to land that dream job
Matt Wells, Chief Executive Officer of Outlook Expeditions

Bangor University is committed to improving our graduates' long term employability prospects. The Bangor Employability Award was developed in 2010, and offers free opportunities to gain the skills and experiences employers want and need based on up-to-date research. BEA graduates get a certificate, a transcript and formal verification of their extracurricular activities from Bangor University, so they can offer solid evidence of their accomplishments.

The BEA also offers:

  • Free professional-level training courses & skills workshops.
  • Opportunities for paid internships alongside studies.
  • Information, preparation and practise for graduate-level job applications and interviews.
  • Access to online careers software & practise reasoning tests.
  • Help developing a skills portfolio of evidence for employers.

And much more! Explore our website for more information about how the BEA can help you.

 “I thought it would be a good idea to take part since it would mean that a well-respected institution would effectively be giving me a stamp saying ‘we think this person should be employed’, which is priceless when applying for jobs.”
Mike Perrins, BEA & Psychology Graduate 2013

Who can I contact?           

John Jackson, BEA Manager Mari Roberts, BEA Co-ordinator Clare Brass, BEA Co-ordinator
ext: 3583     ext: 8793  ext:2115