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Where you'll live

If you live close to a university you can choose to live at home and travel into the university every day to attend your lectures and seminars. Many students however decide to move away from home and this usually means living in University Halls of Residence.

Living in Halls of Residence

Halls of Residence are a great way to make friends, socialize and learn to live independently. Halls can either be made up of long corridors of student bedrooms or of a number of self-contained flats for around six to ten people.

In Bangor, our Halls of Residence are all self-catering and most bedrooms are en-suite, which means you have your own private bathroom. In Halls with a shared bathroom, it is usually shared between four to six people.

What you get in Halls

Kitchens are shared between students and will usually be equipped with a cooker, microwave, toaster, kettle, fridge and freezer. You need to bring your own plates, pots and pans. There is usually a laundrette on-site or nearby where you can wash your clothes.

Rooms in Halls include a bed, desk, wardrobe, storage and shelving and it's up to you to bring your own bedding, television (which requires a licence) and home comforts.

Usually the price you pay for Halls includes all your bills, except for your TV licence, so you don't have to worry about budgeting for electricity, water and other household bills.

Guaranteed accommodation

At Bangor, we guarantee a room in our Halls for all first year students who apply before the deadline and hold Bangor as their Firm choice. We will email you when it's time to apply for accommodation and explain what your next steps are.