Dr Gary Robinson

Senior Lecturer in Archaeology

Biography and research areas

My main research interest is the prehistoric archaeology of maritime and coastal communities in western Britain and Ireland. I completed my BA, MA and PhD at the Institute of Archaeology, University College London (Phd 2006), where my interest in British prehistory was first encouraged. I joined the staff at Bangor University in 2005. My doctoral thesis explored the prehistoric archaeology of the Isles of Scilly, and I have continued to research prehistoric island and coastal communities in Western Britain and Ireland. I am currently co-directing (with Dr Lynda Yorke, Geography, Bangor) a multi-disciplinary research project exploring the prehistory of Tremadoc Bay in North Wales. Forthcoming publications include a co-edited volume (with Dr Tanya King of Deakin University, Australia) that explores anthropological and archaeological approaches to the inhabitation of the sea. More recently I have become interested in the archaeology of the 20th century and its potential to inform, challenge and contribute to more traditional historic narratives of the period.