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International Foundation Course Description:

Length of course: 20 weeks + any necessary pre-sessional

Course Overview

The 20 week International Foundation Course is an intensive English and study skills course run by ELCOS (English Language Centre for Overseas Students) in the College of Arts and Humanities at Bangor University. It is intended for international students who wish to take undergraduate degree programmes in business studies-related subjects or computer science-related subjects. Students who pass the course will be able to go on directly to suitable undergraduate degree programmes at the University. Students on the course will be registered as students of the University and will therefore have full access to the library, computers, students union and other facilities in the university and will be entitled to university accommodation.

Students who gain a distinction on the course will be able to proceed directly to undergraduate study. Students who gain a merit will be required to do a 1-month pre-sessional and students who gain a pass will be required to take a 2-month pre-sessional.

Course outlines

The Foundation Course is a full-time course combining general English, study skills, British cultural studies and foundation subjects, and it is taught by the highly-qualified staff of the English Language Unit, ELCOS and other departments in the University. The main emphasis of this course is to develop the study skills and foundation subjects required for university undergraduate studies. The foundation subjects for the 2005 Course will be business studies, mathematics and computer science. By the end of the course students will have had a thorough preparation for study at university.

They will be able to:

- give a 10 minute presentation using suitable visual aids
- write a timed essay on both general and academic topics
- write a 1,500 word essay using a process of drafting and redrafting
- take adequate notes in lectures
- read, understand and take notes from text books
- take part in seminars putting forward their own opinions and answering questions
- word process written assigments
- have a knowledge of the Foundation subjects approximately equivalent to A/S level.

The course will also enable students to adapt to British academic study by becoming more critical in their way of thinking and not just accepting ideas at their face value. This will enable students to play a full role in University.

Entry requirements

Students taking the course must have completed their schooling at a good high school, have good academic qualifications and have a minimum level of English equivalent to IELTS 5.0, TOEFL 490.


For the duration of the course accommodation will be arranged in standard University hall of residence accommodation unless students wish to make their own private arrangements.

Further Information

For further information, please contact the ELCOS office on +44 (0) 1248 382252 / 382153or email