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Pathway to Pre-sessional

Due to the current N-Covid-19 situation, the Pathway-to-Pre-sessional courses are suspended until September 2020.

Who is it for?

Do you want to study at Bangor University?

Do you need to take a Pre-sessional course before your degree programme?

Is your English level below CEFR B1/IELTS 4.0?


This course is for anyone who would like to access a degree-level programme but whose language is too low to join a Pre-sessional course. To join a Pre-sessional course, you need to be CEFR B1 (equivalent IELTS 4.0).

If you are below CEFR B1 (IELTS 4.0), but want to join a Pre-sessional course, Pathway to Pre-sessional is the right course for you.

What does it do?

This course aims to increase your English language ability from CEFR A2 (IELTS 2.5 equivalent) to CEFR B1 (IELTS 4.0 equivalent). When you reach CEFR B1 (IELTS 4.0 equivalent), you can join the Pre-sessional course.

Attending the Pathways course does not guarantee attainment of CEFR B1 and direct entry to the Pre-sessional course. You will be assessed every four or five weeks. Progress to the Pre-sessional course depends on assessment.
You cannot join a degree programme directly from this course but you can when you have successfully completed a Pre-Sessional course, which you can take directly after reaching CEFR B1.

When can I join?

Start dates:

Pathway 1 - starting at IELTS 2.5 equivalent

  • September 28 2020 - December 18 2020
  • January 11 2021 - March 26 2021(*IELTS 3.0 for this intake)
  • April 27 2020 - August 28 2020

Pathway 2 - starting at IELTS 3.0 equivalent

  • October 26 2020 - December 18 2020
  • February 8 2021 - March 26 2021(*IELTS 3.5 for this intake)
  • June 22 2020 - August 28 2020

Pathway 3 - starting at IELTS 3.5 equivalent

  • November 23 2020 - December 18 2020
  • March 2 2020 - April 3 2020 (*IELTS 4.0 for this intake)
  • July 27 2020 - August 28 2020


For more information, email:

How do I apply?

  1. Download the application form.
  2. Email your completed application form to
  3. We will send you a letter of acceptance confirming your place on the course

The course fees are:

Pathway 1 (2.5 - 4.0 equivalent) - £3200.

Pathway 2 (3.0 - 4.0 equivalent) - £2200.

Pathway 3 (3.5 - 4.0 equivalent) - £1200.

The following methods of payment are acceptable for deposits:

(a) "Cheque or draft drawn on a UK Clearing Bank (see Note below for cheques/drafts not drawn on a UK Clearing Bank). 

(b) Electronic funds transfer from your bank directly into the University bank account quoting the student ID number and full name as a reference.

Cheques/drafts not drawn on a UK Clearing Bank

In the event that a cheque or bankers draft is not drawn on a UK Clearing Bank this could create very significant delays before the University is able to either confirm receipt of payment or process any refunds that may subsequently become due. Students will remain liable for payment until the University is able to confirm receipt of payment, which it will be unable to confirm until "cleared" funds are received to the University's bank account.

Bangor University Bank details:

Bank Name: Santander UK PLC
Sort Code: 09-02-22
Account No: 10364019
IBAN: GB46ABBY09022210364019
Swift Code: ABBYGB2L
Account Name: Bangor University

Please ensure that any bank charges are paid by yourself and please make sure that the transfer indicates that the payment is for a deposit for an ELCOS course. The payment of the remaining amount can be paid in Bangor by cash, traveller's cheques, eurocheque, banker's draft or Visa Credit Card. You will receive an invoice for the remaining amount during the first week of the course.

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