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Claire Woolgrove

Optional modules helped to develop my interests.

Claire Woolgrove

Claire Woolgrove 

Head of Social Media at Entrepreneurs Circle
Studied: BA Business Economics, 2013; MSc Business with Consumer Psychology, 2014

My decision to attend Bangor University was based on a recommendation from a friend, and after much investigation of my own, I found that Bangor was the ideal university for me.

Claire Woolgrove

"Bangor has some of the elements of a town with the benefits of a city and is ideally situated for outdoor activities. If tourists are clamouring to get there, why wouldn't you want to live and learn there?  

"I really enjoyed my Business A-Level, especially the economics side, so Business Economics seemed the ideal course for me. As I studied my undergraduate degree, my interests started to develop, thanks to the optional modules. I found Economics interesting, but I loved Marketing and Consumer Behaviour.  This really informed my choice for my Postgraduate degree in Business with Consumer Psychology. 

"I work for a company that is passionate about helping small businesses to grow. They're the backbone of the economy, responsible for employing around 60% of the UK population, and they are left to figure things out almost entirely on their own. My role is to offer strategic advice for digital marketing to our members, as well as being responsible for social media. Whether that's on a 1:1 basis, during weekly support clinics, or at national events. 

"I met so many people at Bangor who are legitimately lifelong friends; we'd be away most weekends hiking and climbing. I definitely grew into more of who I am at Bangor University. I also met my husband there, so it really has had a lasting impact on my life.” 

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