Pontio and Main Arts at night

Graduate Success

Graduate, Callum Murray

Creative Director at Cufflink Callum Murray

Graduate Sami Omari

Area Manager at Amazon Sami Omari

Graduate Luke Barrett

HR Manager for the UK and Ireland at Wayfair Luke Barrett

Graduate Adam Steven Gulliver

Barrister at Senate House Chambers Adam Steven Gulliver

Graduate Adam Hawker

Trainee Clinical Scientist in Microbiology at Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust Adam Hawker

Graduate Claire Woolgrove

Head of Social Media at Entrepreneurs Circle Claire Woolgrove

Graduate - Dr Aaron Jackson

Senior Infrastructure Specialist at the Health Informatics Centre, University of Dundee Dr Aaron Jackson

Graduates Lindsay Walker and Enlli Fychan Owain

Freelance Director and Assistant Editor; Producer Lindsay and Enlli

Graduate Elly Baker

Head of Project Development at YipiYap Elly Baker

Graduate Jake Sallaway-Costello

Co-director of the Real Junk Food Project Central Jake Sallaway-Costello

Graduate - Dr Britta Ismer

Clinical Team Manager at ICON Dr Britta Ismer

Graduate Tim Hunt

Lead Designer at Welcome Furniture Tim Hunt

Graduate Jonathan Cliffe

Midwife Team Leader at Warrington and Halton Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust Jonathan Cliffe

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