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Preserving Natural Ecosystems

Our research impact

Research conducted by a Bangor Masters student found that drug concentrations had quadrupled in nearby rivers during and after the Glastonbury Festival - suggesting long-term effects to the ecosystem. 

Certain drug levels rose to points known to affect lifecycles of European eels, a protected species. 

Glastonbury festival is one of the most environmentally conscious music festivals in the world and the presence of these pollutants from the site has shown what is likely to be a widespread problem globally. 

The research team within the School of Natural Sciences now propose to minimise these damaging effects by researching treatment using environmentally friendly methods, such as constructed treatment wetlands (CTWs) .

I'm incredibly grateful to Bangor university for allowing me to pursue such an interesting avenue of research. It's great to study at a university with such a strong research community. The publication of my master's project has been an aim of mine since the start of my master's degree, and I am ecstatic it received the international recognition that it did.

Dan Aberg,  Masters Student 

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