The Prince Madog ship out at sea, with magical effect

Our Research Impact

Dr Katherine Steele at Bangor University

Ending global food poverty

An Uber taxi

Revolutionising big business

Prof Rebecca Crane sits on a chair in front of grey background

Transforming mental health

Dr Shelagh Malham stands in front of grey background

Combating COVID-19

Dr Athanasia Papastergiou stands in front of green background

Groundbreaking bilingual benefits

Prof Julia Jones in a lecture theatre at Bangor University

Protecting conservation and community

Dr Gavin Lawrence at Bangor University sports research laboratory

Driving athletic performance

Dan Aberg stands in front of a black background

Preserving natural ecosystems

Dr Simon Watt and a female researcher undertaking prosthesis research

Pioneering prosthesis

Dr Yueng-Djern Lenn stands on the jetty of the Prince Madog

Safeguarding against natural disaster

Professor Christian Dunn stands in front of a black background
Professor Christian Dunn, Senior Lecturer in Zoology; Associate Pro-Vice Chancellor

Leading microplastics research

The planet’s ability to support a stable and resilient ecosystem is increasingly being eroded by human activity and there is growing evidence, and consensus, that we are approaching a point at which significant and potentially irreversible changes will occur to the environment and our own culture. The challenge is to move to a sustainable human society through a circular economy.

Professor Paul Spencer,  Pro Vice Chancellor – Research and Innovation

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