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ICSMuS Research Programme

Research programme

Research is central to ICSMuS, and it includes scholarly, applied, practical and creative elements, either singly or in combination. The interconnection and cross-fertilization of investigation and practice have been characteristics of the School of Music at Bangor for several decades, and are central to the director of ICSMuS’s own approach and work. The

ICSMuS currently has two principal areas of research and activity: historical and contemporary.

Historical studies in progress relate principally to the sacred music and liturgy of the late medieval and early modern periods and their later reception and interpretation.

Contemporary studies will be related initially to the investigation of music in the churches today. Current projects include the preparation of musical materials for the newly revised liturgies, and the study of the nature and use of music in contemporary worship.

Details of current and projected historical and contemporary research projects and initiatives are outlined in the pages which follow.

Historical studies:

  • Early Organs in Britain
  • Late medieval and early modern liturgy
  • Other historical research

Contemporary studies:

  • Music in a bilingual Church
  • Music and ministerial studies
  • Music for Common Worship
  • The theology of music in worship

Research degrees:

Both MPhil and PhD are available in sacred music studies, both full-time and part-time. There are currently three registered students (two PhD and one MPhil). Those interested in research in the field are encouraged to contact the director (