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Electroacoustic and Acousmatic Composition

Electroacoustic music has become a particular specialism at Bangor, with our staff composers (together with past and present research students) producing a number of award-winning works and establishing an international reputation. Composers working at Bangor produce both acousmatic music and music for live instruments with computer processing. The School of Music is equipped with two purpose-built Electroacoustic Studios.

In addition to compositional activity, electroacoustic research at Bangor also covers the development of software for both composition and performance, and the development of novel applications for existing software and hardware.

Electroacoustic Wales is our performance and dissemination arm, organising concerts, public demonstrations and workshops using a dedicated 30-channel diffusion system.


Andrew Lewis specialises in acousmatic music (electroacoustic music designed for performance over loudspeakers). He is director of the electroacoustic music studios, and Electroacoustic Wales, which acts as a focus for the public dissemination of electroacoustic works through concerts and workshops. He also composes music for acoustic instruments, both with and without electroacoustic resources. Several works are available on CD and Audio DVD.

Andrew's music has won several prizes, awards and mentions (including, PRS, Prix Ars Electronica, Stockholm Electronic Arts, Hungarian Radio, British Arts Council Bursary, Noroit finalist, ARTS XXI Valencia, CIMPESP São Paulo, Bourges ‘Euphonie d’Or’) and is performed and broadcast in many countries.

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Edward Wright is a part-time lecturer at Bangor Unversity carrying out work in the field of electroacoustic composition. Described as 'rapidly becoming one of Wales' most promising young composers' (Daily Post) his work focuses on the more multidisciplinary and experimental aspects of music.

Having performed work both in the UK and abroad (Artforum-Antwerp, S.A.R.C. - Belfast, Expo996 - Scarborough, as well as in Bangor) working with fixed medium, live processing and multimedia forces, Ed has a long standing connection with the Bangor New Music Festival and Pontio, as well as establishing the student based Risk of Shock series of electronic concerts.